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Ordered a set of sprockets from JT. Their website discribes a modern plant with state of the art machinery and process control yeilding a very high quality piece.......

Well bros and sisters, that appears to be the case. I ordered a set for the Bandit and recieved a beautifully machined set of sprockets made of premium quality Japanese steel. Nice finish and excellent fit, my only beef is purely an asthetic one in that the sprocket has round lightening holes and only comes in natural polished finish. The stock Bandit one made and available by Sunstar is black anodized and has longitudal lightening holes which IMO look better, however money and quality talks and JT is yelling in the corner.

For a chain I chose the Tsubaki Sigma 530, rated at 10,600 lbs tensil strength it's up there with the benchmark D.I.D ZVM model though a few bucks cheaper. The chain comes in natural gun metal steel finish only though it's rated as black. Again a quality piece from Japans largest manufacturer of industrial chains. The chain comes with a clip style master link which frankly surprised me, I feel (and this is my opinion only) that when you get up over 100 HP which is what this model is designed for, that a rivited clip is more reliable.

Though drag bikes and race bikes use clip type links, they also get much much more attention than even the most anal owner is liable to give them and the idea of flinging a spring clip into my tire at 85 or loosing a spring clip and side plate, then flinging a chain through the crankcase are all experiances I'd rather not have. Ironically enough, the only spare rivet masterlink I had around the shop was a spare I had off the 530 D.I.D I used on the Trophy. Fortunatly it fit the Tsubaki well enough so I figure I'm good.

First impressions over 1000 miles or so show remarkable smoothness and no adjustments so far. I'd rate them a good thumbs up and would recommend them to anyone in need of a drive train replacement.

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The old timer way of securing clip-type masterlinks was to get some thin brass shim stock, maybe 8 or 10 thousandths. Cut a piece about 3/16" wide and half again as long as the clip is wide. Put it under the clip as you install it (between the link and the clip), then fold/bend it over the clip to keep the clip from springing open. I have no idea if you can still buy brass shim stock, but that's your problem - I can't do everything.
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