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Just can't....

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Kick a$$!! At least this is legit unlike that guy on an RC-51 clocked at '205' mph in MN.
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Pretty damn good, to have cop radar and national news confirm your tavern racing story..LOL
That was obviously the ghost of Mike The Bike.

I thought Hailwood wore red, not blue though.

Maybe he is racing for Team Cerebus in the afterlife?

lots of **** erectus acceleratii over here get license plates like "777L77" or "ILILLI1", because the radar-boxes (and the cops) aren't quick enough to get a clear snapshot of the plates above around 150kmh - and as a result, the individual characters on one's plates are then rendered as blurred, making a citation locus praeter impossible should you get away.

-fumanchus velox
Yeah, now we can ALL claim it! "This one time, in England, I borrowed this guy's bike...."
News Flash......

... the true culprit has been found! See the miscreant.
mr. sexy

does he have some sort of degenerative muscle tissue disorder?
Re: News Flash......

Its Gabe. Alternate universe, stretched, lost motor, just as hairy.
Despite 20+ years of PC indoctrination, fluoridation of the water supply and other nefarious socialist flibberdejib, there STILL is no shortage of precious bodily fluids in what was once THE Warrior Nation.

Rule Brittania, Brittania....ohhhhhh...meds kicking in again.

Gotta run.
guess that means i have to throw away my blue jacket .... incriminating evidence, don'cha know.

heh heh ...

or is that OPE?

i do not avoid women mandrake, but i do deny them my essence...
Re: News Flash......

Gabe? GABE?!

d00d! That's Herman Munster.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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