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Justice Lives!

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Five years? That's preposterous!

If she'd killed him and claimed she was just doing some laundry and "didn't see him", she'd have gotten-off with nothing.............
Howza' bout paraphraseing the article so us lazy bones don't have to squint our way through the address?

Oh yeah 2nd Post Biatches!!!!!!!!!
Hang em high, till they quit wigglin.

She sounds like a real dirtbag. "Willfull endagerment of a child"? Now they just need to nail the other people involved...

Or not, appearently.........
Put yer cursor on the address, double click....

Takes ya right to it!
For those of you for whom it won't work; Click Here
Did anyone read further about her "Significant Other" who made his own $100k bail, yet left her to rot since arrest on her "measley" (relatively) $25k, yet apparently has roughly a million or more in assets?
great mother

i don't say this often. what trash.
Ah, now I see it. What an ugly snake, no wonder the guy ditched her.
Wouldn't you?

Didja' take a look at that battleaxe? Her trip to the slammer was probably the best thing that ever happened to Anderson.
They should have given that crack head a life sentence! I hope she gets the "broom stick treatment" every day she is in jail. As far as the other two crack heads, I sure hope the judge has a very bad day prior to sentencing them.
Copy and paste? Is that too easy? Come on, you can do it.

Olsen, who was on probation at the time for a misdemeanor drug offense, was given the maximum sentence possible. Her probation report shows convictions for misdemeanor driving under the influence, willful cruelty to a child, disturbing the peace and other offenses.

Douchebag *****.

The injured rider could (should?) still go after the rich guy who got off in civil don't need "beyond a reasonable doubt", you just need a "preponderance of the evidence" and the rider could get damages plus the lovely thing about civil court, punitive damages.

"Yeah, I've got 500 stiches in my face and titanium plates in my head, but I'm also the new owner of $900,000 worth of property; look, even thee driveway is freshly repaved!"
"Mr. Barnes has injuries to his head that have caused permanent disfigurement."

--5 years isn't enough.
The rope "caught her neighbor, Robert Barnes, across the upper lip as he rode by with a group of friends"

Later it says he was wearing a full face helmet. Do you think the shield was open? I wonder how he sustained so much damage to his face and head while wearing a full face helmet.

Of course I realize that helmets aren't designed to protect the wearer from that kind of...uh...impact (for lack of a better word).
Well, it was a dirt bike, so it was probably a dirt bike helmet with no shield. I guess if at the right angle, it could have caught through the opening and might have been able to snag him at around the upper lip area. Which, if you look at the large opening of a dirt bike helmet and the way the front piece that covers the mouth seems to stick out further than a street going full face helmet, it really does seem possible for the rope to make its way through the opening and catch you between the nose and the upper lip area.

I was also wondering if the rope caught the underside of the helmet, pulled the helmet up over his head and the rope ended up catching him at his upper lip/nose.

I guess?

It came back right above the chinbar, and "peeled" his face back, as I recall.

All three of them should receive "Eye for an Eye" punishment. Or at least something that has to do with a short rope and a long drop.
Funny how that works with criminal personalities, isn't it?

In other news, man am I glad that I was at my cabin starting last Thursday and missed the full return of the Kook insanity. When are you guys going to learn to ignore him?
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