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Justice Lives!

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She should consider herself lucky that the Feds didn't step in and charge terrorism like they are starting to do in these eco-wacko based crimes. Tack on another 20.

Hey! How about a hate crimes enhancement too?

Do you believe her lame excuses? "I was letting the rope down".... right! "Someone else did it but I don't know who".... sure. "A motorcyclist almost hit my daughter earlier".... oh yeah, we believe that one too.

LOL! Good thing the jury didn't buy this BS.
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I just can't believe that he's back. After all he did PROMISE us that he had made is last post.
Ignore whom?
Well, they must have bought some of it - IIRC assault can carry a 15-year sentence, battery another 10.
How much you wanna bet that the low sentaence is the result of relatively small chrges from the local D.A.? How much you wanna bet that the D.A. doesn't think this is a big case?
Not much.

After all, it's "just a damn motorcyclist that was hurt, not a real person."

*****, he probably deserved it. Damn Hooligans!
Nope, the DA did all she could with the case she had. A lot of local bikers were actively following it.

Unfortunately the two men involved lied their asses off in court and stuck to their story pretty effectively... hopefully the civil case will leave Anderson broke and homeless.
Imagine riding dirt bikes in rural areas. God knows they belong on the streets of Baltimore.
It's somewhat strange that the ones who most vehemently "defend" their children are oft ones who have a Police record of child-neglect.

Take this for example:

About eight to ten years ago, there was this old man who "exposed" himself to some children who were innocently walking past his house on their way home late one summer night.

They go home, tell their Mother (and her boyfriend) about the incident, and so she decides that the two of them would go investigate further; confront and tell-off this old man if necessary. Perhaps even call the Police on him.

In the process of their interrogation, the old man becomes rendered unconscious; so they abandon that tack (and the old man's house) and the woman shows-up on her ex-husband's doorstep in terror (and covered with the old man's blood), telling him "Hide me, I think I just killed someone!".

Not wanting to have anything to do with THIS potential Prison Sentence, he wisely calls-in the Gendarmes.

Turns out, the old man dies due to the savage beating he received at the hand of the woman and her boyfriend, and further turns-out it's all over nothing: Upon questioning the children, the Police find-out that, in fact, the children were harassing the old man late at night (roughly 11:30pm) in his home. Naturally, he yelled at them to get away and go home – but he neglected to put his shirt on (he was otherwise dressed) before chasing-off a couple of prowlers (from his own home).

The woman and B.F. didn't go over to the old man's house just to talk loudly: they took a couple of "exclamation points" along with them (in the form of ballbats) and broke-down the old man's screen door to get into his house, beat the hell out of him, then left him lying on his living-room floor in a pool of blood, skull crushed-in.

At the Trial, it was further-revealed that the woman had many calls to Police and charges levied against her for Child Endangerment, Child Neglect, etc. She was in danger of losing the children entirely to her ex, and was embroiled in a court battle with him.

Incredibly, the jury - after hearing all the facts of the case, including a confession from the woman and testimony from the ex-husband and boyfriend (who plea-bargained), was initially STILL unable to render a verdict: One woman-juror believed that the defendant was Justified in committing the crime of Murder as "she was only defending her children". The juror also revealed that she was unable to properly set-aside her emotions for her own children in this case, and could not render a verdict based on the facts.

After substitution of an alternate juror, and further hearing of the case, the verdict was Guilty of Murder in the 2nd-degree.

I can't remember the sentence. It wasn't particularly heavy, the convict may already be walking the streets.
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Too bad the old guy didn't have his Remington 870 pump handy, eh?
Re: great mother

No no. You mean white trash
soda spew

Good one! Wasn't expecting that one.

Of course, then he'd probably be in jail now; it's illegal to discharge a firearm within city limits..........
That depends on where you live, if that happened around here those two would have Death by stupidity on their Death certificates.

I wonder if that old Man had any Family and/or Friends? Something like that could make someone pretty mad if they thought about it, same for what the clothesliners did. I wonder if they believe in instant Karma?

Never worry about any law that would deny you the right to defend yourself. That right is not their's to take.
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