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Kanemoto Honda looks to Jerez

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An American Grand Prix

I could only dream of watching an American Grand Prix in the sunshine, surrounded by 150,000 of my closest motorcycle-crazy friends, as they do in Jerez.





Rossi DNF
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Re: An American Grand Prix

Rossi will continue his dominance of the Jerez circuit and I do believe we will see the likes of Biaggi and McCoy running up front. The Suzukis aren't up to speed yet.
I'll probably go blue in the face saying this until it happens... but Katoh!:

Schumacher by a lap - oh sorry, wrong series.

Rossi, Ukawa, Katoh OR Capirossi on the podium.

Gibernau as the sentimental fave.

Top ten finish for Hopkins.

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Suzuki gets a better result

Suzuki just switched back to MIchelin, although they will be running 2001 tires for the next 3 races. I don't expect big results but atleast they may finish a race.

Both riders and the team "protested" the factory to get the switch. Dunlop is behind in WSB, if you don't look at Tamada @sugo.
Yeah, that Schumacher guy is starting to get old. Kind of like Rossi almost.
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