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Kawasaki Issues Recall

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Has anybody heard about the zx-12r recall from kawasaki or is it just for the UK?

Affected ZX1200-A1s with frame numbers from JKAZXT20AAA000069 to JKAZXT20AAA012652 will get the pipe mod and new fuel gauge. Bikes with numbers from JKAZXT20AAA012653 to JKAZXT20AAA019074 will only have the pipe mod.

It has to do with the gas tank overflow pipe leaking and being a fire hazard

What about 12Rs in North America?
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Have they recalled any Buell bikes for defective paint? I think that would be the only thing left to replace.
okay folks.. a quick grammar lesson (in terms the readers will understand):

brake - what might not work on your Kawi dirt bike.

break - what happens when you take a ZX-12R with 20 miles on the clock and redline it.

If you're a union worker, you should be quite familiar with what a break is. If you're a mechanic, you fix brakes.

No offense intended against Kawi owners (of which I am one) or hardworking union members.

Come on journalists.. can we please avoid the bad grammar? Maybe the average joe schmoe can't spell but you guys get paid to write about the awesome bikes you ride for free! The online motorcycle community should expect a higher standard.
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A co-worker here in the States has a new ZX12 and got a recall notice on the fuel pipe. So it appears to be world wide.

BTW We switched bikes on a lunch time ride last year. I concluded my brain is too slow to ride that machine full tilt. Insane!
Re: 43.75% of sales in the US thru 3rd qtr 2000...

Seeing as the original thread concerns bikes with a maximum displacement of 500cc, why would you want to apply an over 650cc filter to any bike sales or recall figures in this thread? By the way.... The Buell BeLast is under 650cc.

>>"then, get pass fourth grade, then will talk."<<

Well it looks like a 4th grade reference is in order here, but perhaps it was thrown at the wrong individual.
Folks, no matter who makes the bikes or what style, type, etc., their machines built by "humans" and humans make mistakes!

From the designers to the engineer's, to the production floor flunkies, there's always a chance that a mistake can and will be made. Made in the USA, Japan, Europe, doesn't mean you get a "perfect product". JMHO.

My only complaint with "BUELL" is that they have problems, come up with "bandage" fixes but never do any "re-enginnering" to solve the problem.

The problem is the 1200 Sportster motor, it's been pushed to the edge for use in the Buell and it just slowly destroy's the rest of the bike.. Why not use some of that TC-88 twin cam w/balancer logic in a motor to put in the BUELL?? I personally like the looks of the S3-T sport tourer but at $13,500+, it's not worth the money for the level of recalls the machine has! H-D/Buell get a clue and work out a decent motor for the Buell's and solve the problem.

Harley-Davidson had "soft cam" problems, Kawasaki Nomads (1999) have the "plastic oil gear problem", as long as the company stands behind the product and fixes the problems, we as buyer's are covered!!

Every bike mfg'er. has had recalls and will continue to have recall's so why fight about who has more or less, wait of time, JMNSHO.

BJ Ondo

1980 GS1100E Suzuki


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Don't confuse the comments of MO readers as the story written by their journalists. I know there is lots of bad grammar (I don't have the best skills myself). But most of that is in the reader posts, not the articles.

Once again I think some people are asking for too much from a free source. The more you want, the more likely we'll eventually have to pay for it.
Yeah, they probably are young. I could care less if they don't use antiquated, stuffy sounding English in their articles, however. Why do people have to nitpick everything? You don't write them.

Going back to the original topic, the KAWASAKI recall; it's good they are taking care off it. My hat is off to any company that still displays the humility to admit when they screw up. This is why, although a Suzuki owner, I am not extremely proud to be after Suzuki's handling of the GSXR line problems. (Note: I said problems, not recalls; Suzuki won't issue any recalls.)
Spelling words correctly and using proper punctuation and grammar is hardly an antiquated, stuffy concept. It's just what people who completed high school do when they write. We haven't eliminated the rules in English just yet. It really grates on my nerves everytime some says "there" when they mean "their" or "they're", or similar things. What's the diff, you ask? One is correct, and the others are not.
Let's take a second to think about the purpose of a language. It is to convey a thought. Did they convey a thought to you? Can your little mind understand what they mean when they type break instead of brake?

What difference does it make is I say poop or Shít? You still think feces. Get a clue!!!
-=I have a self esteem. Since my motorcycle does not provide that for me, I don't have to pay extra for a motorcycle that will. =-

I like that!
I had to take my 2000 back to the dealer to get a recall handled, something to do with the fuel lines.

Besides needing a fuel tanker to follow the bike (it only gets about 25 miles per gallon) I am very happy with my zx12r.
I had to take my 2000 zx12r back to the dealer to get a recall handled, something to do with the fuel lines. Yes, we get the same bikes here, minus the better paint options the Europeons get.

Besides needing a fuel tanker to follow the bike (it only gets about 25 miles per gallon) I am very happy with my zx12r.
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