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Folks, no matter who makes the bikes or what style, type, etc., their machines built by "humans" and humans make mistakes!

From the designers to the engineer's, to the production floor flunkies, there's always a chance that a mistake can and will be made. Made in the USA, Japan, Europe, doesn't mean you get a "perfect product". JMHO.

My only complaint with "BUELL" is that they have problems, come up with "bandage" fixes but never do any "re-enginnering" to solve the problem.

The problem is the 1200 Sportster motor, it's been pushed to the edge for use in the Buell and it just slowly destroy's the rest of the bike.. Why not use some of that TC-88 twin cam w/balancer logic in a motor to put in the BUELL?? I personally like the looks of the S3-T sport tourer but at $13,500+, it's not worth the money for the level of recalls the machine has! H-D/Buell get a clue and work out a decent motor for the Buell's and solve the problem.

Harley-Davidson had "soft cam" problems, Kawasaki Nomads (1999) have the "plastic oil gear problem", as long as the company stands behind the product and fixes the problems, we as buyer's are covered!!

Every bike mfg'er. has had recalls and will continue to have recall's so why fight about who has more or less, wait of time, JMNSHO.

BJ Ondo

1980 GS1100E Suzuki


1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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