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The Vulcan 800 Classic is a nice bike. I have the red '99 which I like much better than the "Toon Town Harley" that Burns rode. Only complaint is that the pegs touch down waaay too early on turns.

I picked the Vulcan over several other metric cruisers primarily because Kawa does a good job of hiding the radiator. I liked the air-cooled Yamahas, but would need to get the 1100 to match the Vulcan 800 performance.

I learned to ride on the Vulcan, then bought a ZX-6 the next year. Spend most of my time on the ZX-6 and it is a much more comfortable riding postion for long rides.

I planned to sell the vulcan, but my wife insists that we keep it. She won't ride on the sport bike.

Now I'd probably keep the Vulcan even if she wasn't interested in riding with me any more. It's an acquired taste. If you like "street rods" -the four wheel types, you can understand the appeal.
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