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Kawasaki Vulcan reader feedback

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I'm selling my V-Star if you're interested, mini. :)

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Re:Enough already

I've had my browser set up so that MO is my homepage, until just recently. I set it back to Motorcycle Daily. I was really getting sick of having some worthless Jap Harley look-alike cruiser as the first thing I see in the morning. I realize when I subscribed that there was no guarantee of sportbike content, but come one, enough already with the cruisers.

Jeff Rice

Despite your uneasyness to call a spade a spade....I will continue to call all peope of oriental descent a jap. And all people from the vicinity of England will still be known as a Brit, as well as all Hispanic, Spanish and Cuban people will be called mexican, unless they really are from Mexico and then they will be referred to as ******. And don't forget all middle-easterners shall be forever referred to as sand-******.

But, for pointing out my diliberate use of ethnic labeling, you will forever be referred to as boob. (mainly becuase,'re a boob)
Re: It's your right but your are dead wrong


Oh ya, if you're going to use the 'are', then 'your' is not required even though the 'your' you used should have been a 'you're'. And, I'm still not dead. And you didn't get the point.
Re: It's your right but your are dead wrong

I don't know what you're drinking, but it must be strong. Biggot you say? No, not hardly. I was merely trying to demonstrate by extreme exaggeration how truly insignificant the saying "jap bike" is in today's world. Hell, it was three years ago that Dr. Laura started saying '******-rigged' on national syndicated radio.

Now, because of the fact that you consider the local owners of a Chinese restuarant that you frequent as best friends, well, whatever. You should probably go back to your "reply to every post no matter how insignificant" regime.
Oh ya, and I forgot to say.......

1 - 5 of 126 Posts
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