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Kawasaki Vulcan reader feedback

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I'm selling my V-Star if you're interested, mini. :)

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People! The name of this site is "Motorcycle Online" not "Motorcycles That Are Really Fast And Corner Like A Frightened Jackrabbit Online." I like the diversity of test subjects, even though I wouldn't buy a Vulcan 800 if they sold for a dollar a CC. MO, please don't listen to the fascists who would have you write exclusively about the bikes they deem to be cool!
A swell choice. It easily out-features the more expensive VN800, with amenities such as a shaft final drive, self-adjusting valves, dual front disc brakes, damping adjustable shocks, a tachometer, a centerstand, and probably a few more things that didn't immediately spring to mind. Still, Rekord, if looks matter to you, how can you not find the aesthetics of the VN750 mildly nauseating?
OK. The article was interesting, the bike is uninspiring, its competition is bromidic. Can we get back to flaming now?
You're right; there's nary a significant difference among the Japanese mid-sized cruisers. The almost complete lack of original thought that went into the design of these machines results in very little pride-of-ownership down the road. Shame on the Japanese manufacturers for playing it so safe that they've practically guaranteed themselves an increasingly smaller market share compared to Harley!
Re: Now I remember why I gritted my teeth...

*****, *****, *****. I can't tell you how many times I've read letters in print magazines complaining about the same kinda' thing! Apparently, a lot of folks can't bear to see an article that doesn't seem tailor-made just for their taste. Personally, I like that MO is writing about bikes that the newstand rags consider to be yesterday's news. Please don't encourage MO to be just an online copy of the same old thing!
Hear, Hear! Or is it "Here, Here!"? Well, I'm gonna' down me a couple of beers and think about this. Beer, beer!
The best of all worlds? Not in the world I inhabit, where funds are tight.

Not a torture rack? I agree, though less vibration at the grips would have me agreeing more adamently.

Corners with the best of them? Uh, no. Compared to other sport-tourers, perhaps. Compared to an R6, not a chance.

Gets down the highway...? This is true, though one could make the same boast of a 250 Ninja.

Don't get me wrong; I love R1100S's (used to own R1100RS). But you may be sounding a bit like a typical Harley rider who thinks they're riding God's Own Bike with all of those unearned superlatives.

Besides, why are we discussing R1100S's on a Vulcan 800 post?
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10 reasons why you shouldn't buy a metric cruiser:

1. you'll only encourage the factories to keep putting out bland copies of one another instead of experimenting with new designs

2. the seating position makes long highway rides something you endure instead of something you enjoy

3. the extreme feet-forward pegs means almost all your body weight ends up on your butt causing severe butt burn

4. try weighting the pegs on a cruiser when you need to ride over an unexpected obstacle; it's pretty much impossible

5. very limited suspension travel along with crappy suspension means your kidneys will have the snot beaten out of them, and your passenger will swear off passengering forever

6. you'll always know that your bike is an inexpensive copy of something else (Valkyrie & V-Max owners may disregard this)

7. I'm having trouble thinking of a good #7

8. no centerstand = big pain in rumpus come oil change or flat tire repair time

9. very little weight over front tire means less traction and crummy feedback. Not good in an emergency or in the canyons

10. did I mention the uncomfortable and unsafe ergonomics? If so, it should be repeated 'cuz they're usually really awful!

Just my 1 share of Worldcom stock's worth...
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