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Kawasaki Vulcan reader feedback

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I'm selling my V-Star if you're interested, mini. :)

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Re: Another Thought

Re: Price is the difference

I see these bikes on sale for $5,695 all the time. It is a cheap way to get on 2 wheels. Now did anyone else notice the high reving of this single pin cranked V twin? Slap some obnoxious sounding vance and hines on it and you would have even more power.
Re: Another Thought

Oops, you're right. Virago. And apparently it's been discontinued. Never mind.
Re: Another Thought

I wonder if it can disengage the Caps-Lock key for you.
Now I remember why I gritted my teeth...

when I subscribed. Now since I've paid my money I'm going to take my shot. Motorcycle Online is just bland and very boring. I pay for this site but I'd rather go to AMA SUPERBIKE or Motorcycle Daily, or Roadracing World for free guys. Now it's not that I hate cruisers,or scooters, or the like it's just that this site has slow content updating, and when it does update it's Yamaha Bulldogs, or a new Buell vrs. an old Ducati, or a Yamaha Zuma Scooter, or a Vulcan that hasn't changed in years or some other just extemely generic scoot and I just don't care honestly. I don't need a daily crotch rocket fix I just need something moderately interesting once in a while to check in here. I liked the Schwantz article fine, it was humorous and fun and informative. It also stood out in glaring relief to the other material here for the simple reason it was fun, interesting and enjoyable. I'm not asking anyone to share my opinion, or have a meltdown over this I'm just voicing my own feelings. I would have preferred the pay site to be better than it was when it was free but I really think the content is the same or maybe worse. But everybody ask yourself this. Do you really find yourself checking in here constantly thinking something is happening or do you just do it every few days like me? Also ask yourself this as well. Is this site any more fun or interesting than a print mag or any number of free sites? I'm sorry I just don't feel it is. I wanted to like it but from the rumblings around here I'm not the only one who feels this way. Good luck MO with your future subscription endeavors. I will not be resubscribing.
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Re: Another Thought

Thanks Steven. I thought I was the only one those CAPS were bothering.
Re: Another Thought

JB, I understand about getting old (being a '67 birth myself), but a cruiser? My '97 Ducati 900SS/SP -- to replace my stupidly sold '91 900ss -- is an old, '80s style fart like me, but it can still turn a corner. The seat is low, the bars are pretty high, it makes very nice thumpy-thumpy noises, Nonfango makes a custom three hard-bag touring set of luggage for it, and a Corbin with back-rest keeps my wife's lovely bottom happy. But, Johnny, no cruisers; that's just not right.

A new Triumph Bonneville, on the other hand, might be fun...

More details of the riding impression could have been provided. This article was a bit much like a "first ride" type of thing.

Now that you've had access to a few of these bikes... get the rest that seem worthwhile in the class and get the MO staff to pick a "recommended" middleweight cruiser. How does that sound? Comparos are ALWAYS welcomed.

And for the record: I enjoy reading about different kinds of bikes. The GSXR vs CBR vs R1 thing can be fun for a while but not 365 days of the year. Diversity is good, keep it up.

Hamster vs Gerbil

LOL. Gotta go with the hamster. I was tramatized as a child when my sisters gerbil (glorified rat) had babies and escaped. We never did find them all. :) Keep up the good work. I liked the story. Burns is right about rap. The engine on the Kawy is intriguing vs other cruisers.

Did you see the new Buell Lightning on the Buell site? Looks cool ! Does if have the same ergos as the Bolt? Is a Sport Tourer Next? Have you heard anything? I am afraid now think I am closet Bueller :)

P.S. Hang in there even though I criticize your content sometimes. Your site has character and more entertaining reviews. Plus the drag story was cool etc. and I'll stick with you. Hey even Hugh Hefner had his rough days early on.
Do you honestly think that the market segment that would be interested in a Vulcan 800 reads magazines like this?

Actually, they do.

Have you ridden one? Believe it or not, there is some, not inconsiderable, enjoyment to be had in cruising at 110 km/h and looking around. Depends on the sort of rider you consider yourself.

If they made these with tubeless tyres, it'd be in my shed.
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Re:Enough already

I've had my browser set up so that MO is my homepage, until just recently. I set it back to Motorcycle Daily. I was really getting sick of having some worthless Jap Harley look-alike cruiser as the first thing I see in the morning. I realize when I subscribed that there was no guarantee of sportbike content, but come one, enough already with the cruisers.

Jeff Rice
Youngbull, You have no interest in this bike and that's ok. There is a large percentage of readers who are interested in a bike like this. That's not my opinion. Just look around you. Take your non sportbike filters off and you will notice there are a lot of bikes in this class all around you. Like someone else said in this feedback, I have interest in almost anything w/2 wheels and motor between them. I tend to look at the positive aspects of any motorcycle and enjoy riding different bikes because they are motorcycles. All of them ride so much different than their cage counterparts. So much better freedom to look around and the machine is more like the rider when being ridden. Ok I just love motorcycles. Just don't try to bias this e-zine into giving info on sportbikes and race info only. Enjoy what type of info. Let others enjoy theirs!

Happy riding


BMW R1100S, the best of all worlds. Not a torture rack, corners with the best of them, and gets down the highway plenty fast enough to put you in jail.
Girl? I'm just about old enough to be Stickie's momma! (For those of you not paying attention, Stickie would be El_Flaco, aka Elliot the Internal, co-intern to Raynette "Hoochie" Brodie.) Which reminds me that, while he's several inches taller than me, I'm pretty sure I outweigh him. Note to self: Hate Stickie!
Could it be a test of the new Victory? Please tell me you're gonna test one of these.
Re: Now I remember why I gritted my teeth...

If they test the new Victory, a Real comparo against the other 'merckin motorcycle maker, and I'll renew. Otherwise, no.
Test the Victory, minime!
How about taking it out on a week long trip with a passenger? My GF wants to know about the pillion comfort. Do the footpeg vibrate, how is the seating position, does the rear shock hold two people, etc.? How are the brakes with two people?



Hey Tex, it's called and I believe the Vulcan qualifies. So it's not your cup of tea. So what. Can't do a rice-burner comparo every day. How about you stop complaining and add something positive to the site, like an investigative report on the recent intern sex scandal at MO...Danielle-gate!
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