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Kellen Winslow Bike Accident Investigation

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groin missile? gadzooks ...
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Latest word it Winslow has a torn ACL and will be out for the 05 season. Read the story HERE
Hope it was worth the ride!
AH HA. Youve shown your true right-wing nut, bow at the FOX NEWs(tm) altar self now!!!! ;)

On the story, my only thought is dumberer is as stupidister does.
Quote from article:

"A few hours before his accident, Winslow and a few friends drove 50 miles on their motorcycles to Canton to see a stunt riding team perform."

I can hear him now: "Bet I can to that shyt easy! Watch me"
Thanks, that gave another bit o' info

"Winslow could be charged with reckless operation, which carries a maximum penalty of 30 days in jail and a $250 fine."

Reckless operation, in an empty parking lot, off public roads????

Would be ironic if he is charged.
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I'm talking 'bout practice

I thought he was "practicing."

Sounds like a wheelie or stoppie gone bad to me.
If the cops start getting serious about charging motorcyclists with "reckless operation" I'm afraid that pretty soon there will be no one left riding except for mscuddy on his Jawa.

Worse than ironic, a total crock of ****e.

All right, put your hand up everybody who thinks they'd get the same Nth degree scrutiny if they crashed stunting in an empty parking lot...

...OK, everybody who's a young black male put their hands down...

hmmm, nobody left?

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Don't play the race card now. It's because he's famous, not black.

Jeff Kent got similar flack for crashing his dirt bike a few years ago.
Re: I'm talking 'bout practice

Somebody should have told him that using the curb to enhance your stoppie causes the judges to take one full point off of your score. VWW
Oh boo-hoo; cry me a river for the young black male.....loser, big-mouth millionare who has yet to play anything approaching a pro season. He's so picked on they gave him one of the biggest contracts in pro football history. He's just living off of his Dad's coat-tails and will never amount to much. THAT'S the scrutiny he doesn't want......
Practicing being a duma$$

Although, I think he's mastered it.
Obviously; you haven't seen MS Cuddy ride!
It's virtually impossible to ride recklessly on a Jawa.

It has to be running first.
Re: I'm talking 'bout practice

I'm not really sure if hitting a curb and flying over the bars counts as a stoppie
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