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Kellen Winslow Bike Accident Investigation

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groin missile? gadzooks ...
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Re: I'm talking 'bout practice

I think that's a called a "breakie."
Re: I'm talking 'bout practice

In his case it's "breakie leggie".
Re: I'm talking 'bout practice

Actually it's a "breakie leggie and dumpie the careerie down the drainie".
I understand Winslow broke his leg diving on an onside kick last year but other than that and stunting in an empty parking lot (someting I've done maybe a time or two) what exactly makes him a "loser", "big mouth" or "never amount to much"?

Is that envy speaking? Why the hate? It's an odd thing the way Cletus feels driven to tear down anybody outside his tribe.

Myself I can relate to Kellen Winslow. I do what some people would consider reckless things, I've had occassions when I've driven too fast and not had enough skill...

the only difference between me and Kellen Winslow is I've been fortunate enough to land on softer ground.
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Oh goodie, now I can correct Cletus when he says "Tha's jest one o' dem der crotch rockets"!

I'll dazzle him with my rapier-like wit and say, "No my good man, this is a Groin-Missile. Would your ol' lady like a ride?"

That ought to open up the dialog between the Groiners and the Barc-o-loungers, seein' that we're all Bro's don't ya know ;>)!
"the only difference between me and Kellen Winslow is I've been fortunate enough to land on softer ground." That and you didn't have a multi million dollar contract, which precluded you from riding a motorcycle, on the line. VWW
C'mon Van. yYou know as well as I do that there is a sheet wearing bigot racist republican hiding behind every bush(pun intended).

Oops, sorry. I was mistaken. The sheetheads were all democrats.

Never mind.
'OK, everybody who's a young black male put their hands down...'

"Why the hate?"

I was going to ask you the very same question.....

Re: The End is Nigh

Repent all ye riders of two wheels, repent all ye who dwell in the ehalls of MO, repent all ye who relish the name MOron, for the end is near, the cage-ers will rise up to strike ye down upon the roads, the power of the SUV is behind them. Repent and you will... ooo, twinky.

Did someone mention riding was forbidden by his contract? Can't say goofin around on one was the best career move then.

Then again, I'm not one to talk. I don't pay attention to my commands newest rules about motorcycles either. I also don't draw attention to myself by showing off in parking lots at getting hurt doin' it. I guess it all balences out.
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