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Kenny Roberts Jr. Gets New Sponsor

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Eric, have you missed your medication again..?
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I thought the idea behind registering was to keep idiots like this from being able to post crap like this.
A little editing please!

It looks like either the paragraphs are out order or a sentence got lopped off paragraph 1.

Who are we talking about in paragraph 2?
keep morons like this off or I will stop using this site.
"Haga" get a sense of humor

Aren't the tobacco companies going to be prohibited from sponsoring teams in a couple of years?

This is a little off-topic, but what do people think about Kenny's chances of winning another title? If Rossi doesn't crash as much this year...
Why do you defend this first post moron? What do you think is so funny about it?

Why don't you lighten up, jerk!
The tobacco ban is a US only thing. Remeber the world (and motorcycle racing) is much bigger.
Re: And the rest of the world too...

well, how is there still Winston drag racing?

i am not real sure on the exact stipulations on the advertising restrictions, but i think they are stupid.
Re: And the rest of the world too...

Tobacco sponsership has been prohibited in the U.S. for a few years. As of 2006, it will also be banned in Europe. As it stands now, some countries in Europe ban it already. Ever noticed that Biaggi and Checa's leathers and helmet are different for some rounds where tobacco sponsorship is banned ? Even Haga last year in WSB when he had West as his sponsor changed his bike and leathers.

What I don't understand is why do Skoal and Kodiak get away with sponsoring NASCAR when that's a tobacco product ? No, I'm not a NASCAR fan, just don't understand the politics.
Please, if all you have to add to the discussion is your demand that people be censored, then STOP using the site. Go ahead! Make good on your threat. You won't be missed.
Re: And the rest of the world too...

I miss the days of Miguel and the smoking joe 45
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