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I have a cabin on 9 acres in the Manti-LaSal mountains of central Utah. It is in an old developement. There is no electricity, sewers, phones.. anything. I have an outhouse and a solar power system. A 350 gallon water tank that I fill myself from by hauling secondary water from town provides washing water. The County charges me 1% property tax... the assessment amount is falsely high....and provides absolutely no services at all.

Fortunately for me my cabin is grandfathered. New cabins have to be built with full-code 220V two phase wiring. All codes for a suburban home have to be met. No electricity, remember? People who build generally add a propane system to provide lights and use wood stoves in the winter while leaving the wires dangling outside.

If you can't find water on your lot by drilling you cannot build any new construction (though the County is happy to allow you to buy it as a building lot and tax it as one).

I'm well aware of the greed of these govt entities which take and take and take for the single purpose of providing jobs for themselves and their friends and relatives. We call them the San Pete County Mafia. A family full employment agency.
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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