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If you don't mind the look of moto-cross gear, there's lots of stuff in kid sizes there.
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Vega makes kids full-faced helmets. Motocross gloves fit my girl better than anything else on the market. Jacket- Still haven't found one I like. I bought a xs "air-flow" summer jacket, but it's still too big for her. I use a leather "Mickey Mouse" jacket I actually purchased from the MM store from the mall. Fits, build quality is good but I'm still looking. As far as pants. Do they still make ToughSkins?
I don't think Motocross gear is fit for the street.

I've already got a full-face helmet that fits him.
bates leathers in long beach ca made some paints and jacket for my
Helmets are easy, my son (6) uses the gawdiest full face motorcross helmets I have ever seen. We go with the M/X stuff as he thinks that is high style and really doesn't like the black leather look...and it protects him a lot better than the "biker style' stuff...damn, I might be raising a sport bike rider....eek....
Oh no, not Tough Skins, they were embarassing enough back in the 70's when I was made to wear them! ;-)
Well, it looks like hell, but will protect him better than leather! Need those pads to protect those fragile bones! Really prefer my boy to ride in my sidecar...he prefers the back's a balanced battle. When you find something you feel works PLEASE post about it!! Riding apparel for kids is an annual purchase (where my stuff lasts until it's done)! I'll be in the market again soon for bigger kid riding clothes.
My kid is 8. Maybe I can buy some used stuff off of you when yours grows out of it.

They grow so damn fast this could cost a fortune.
Teach him to hate motorcycles. Then you don't have to deal with these problems. Worked for me!
Just tell yourself that it's like teaching your kid to smoke. Worked for me.
I was told by my motorcycle shop that some people put thier children in small womans jackets. I tried some on my 12 yo and it looked pretty good with the exception of length of the arms. I just don't want to buy them a $200.00 jacket that they are going to grow out of in 6 months. About the same time I will be done paying for it on the credit card.
My 9 year old grandsonoccasssionally rides with me....he wears his Mx boots,MX gloves,knee guards under his jeans and his grandmother's women's Small Joe Rocket mesh jacket. I offered to buy him a full face street helmet ,but he prefers his gaudy MX helmet..If you find a good pair of street pants in kids sizes let us know,MX pants probably aremt fit for the street,but the gloves and boots are. Another idea of course would be to buy some CE armor and sew it into his pants
The UK has quite a few children's mosickle vendors. I have no idea how much it would cost to have that stuff shipped though.
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