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KLAZY KEN SAY ATTENTIONS PLEASE: Water fuels are part fact and part fiction.* Beware of fantastic claims.* Klazy Ken have read of "magic powders" which claimed to turn water into gasoline.* Can you can run a car on water?* Klazy Ken have to say, well yes and well no.* But, some where in between a yes and a no answer lies the truth.* So the question is ....
Is Water Fuel A Bunch Of Hype?
And you're absolutely right to ask that question.
Look, if Klazy Ken wasn't the guy who did the research, put the plan in action, and saw it all happen with Klazy Ken own two eyes, there's no way I'd believe what happened. In other words, Klazy Ken now how you feel.
It wouldn't surprise Klazy Ken if "Fuelblips" will be marked for life– a bane to the ever growing, rapidly expanding oil companies who proudly stand tall alongside federal agencies and using influence to further their gains and keeping true and honest backyard technology from the general public.
Klazy Ken don't mind this project being branded because its about time that somebody stand up against them. Klazy Ken will take on the challenge armed with the truth and that's what really matters the most. You just have got to hang in there and listen to the rest of the story........

So let Klazy Ken put you mind at ease by pulling back the curtain right now and showing you exactly what happened. You'll hear about the amazing successes, the near fatal mistakes and everything in between.
Here's The "Back Story" Behind Klazy Ken Quest For The Ultimate Alternative Fuel System
Klazy Ken know you've heard other people hint at water cars before and some unqualified bozos even try to take credit for it.
So right now I'm going to break it all down for you and show you what it's all about, what is fact and what is fiction.
Let's begin.
First of all, Klazy Ken am not the inventor of some miraculous fuel saving gadget.
Sure, I've got a short history and a strong interest in this field.* But in terms of Klazy Ken own story it all began with a "small" contribution of mine that hopefully helped regular people be empowered by the knowledge of what really works.
My first step into the world of alternative fuel was simplifying the art of making homemade biodiesel fuel.
It all started back in early 2006 when Klazy Ken released a very limited edition workshop that taught anyone how to make biodiesel.* It cost very little and it was the first thing I'd contributed to the alternative fuel world ever.
Up until that point the whole "Homemade Biodiesel" thing was just a theory I'd been kicking around in Klazy Ken head. Klazy Ken had no clue if it would work or if* Klazy Ken had the tools to make it happen.
Frankly, Klazy Ken Had Klazy Ken Doubts
And for good reason because
I have no formal education in automotive engineering.
I had a limited budget, so Klazy Ken couldn't make many mistakes.
My time was short due to other job related obligations.
I had never witnessed any sign of alternative fuel in Klazy Ken area.
And if that wasn't bad enough, the day before Klazy Ken was going to get started Klazy Ken did a bit more research on the internet.* There were some who had quite a negative point of view about the whole process.
So you can understand why Klazy Ken was worried.
But Klazy Ken worry turned to excited disbelief when the system was in place because...
.75 Cents Per Gallon Is Possible
It happened so fast that Klazy Ken actually ended up broadcasting Klazy Ken findings on the internet immediately which lead to the Homemade Biodiesel Workshop.* Klazy Ken thought it would interest only a few people ...but by the time Klazy Ken was able to get the order form off of Klazy Ken site ton of peoples had already signed up.
It Actually Work TOO GOOD!
Imagine how embarrassed Klazy Ken was when Klazy Ken had to turn people away.* Eventually Klazy Ken closed the workshop to continue Klazy Ken alternative fuel projects in private.*
I did not want to limit myself to only one sector of alternative energy.* Klazy Ken mission to provide a simple process of making cost efficient homemade biodiesel had been perfected.
There was a whole world of opportunities waiting to be discovered ...water car systems, solar energy, fuel saving technology.** It was time to move on.
I had promised a limited edition audio series to 25 of Klazy Ken most loyal members and Klazy Ken wasn't going to go back on Klazy Ken word.* So Klazy Ken published a complete alternative energy audio series just for them, had a great time and the students loved it as well (which is always good).
Besides, that one "experimental" launch was proof that people are willing to follow through and discover affordable fuel options so Klazy Ken wasn't about to complain.
But there was always this little voice in the back of Klazy Ken head saying,
"What Can Be Done To Cut Diesel AND Gas Costs For Everyone?"
Who knows?* There was a solution to diesel....what about gas.
After all, most people drive cars fueled by gas, not diesel.* Over 90% of the cars on the road are powered by gas engines.* So releasing a biodiesel workshop was doing nothing to give gas guzzlers any relief.
I'd already taught thousands of people about the benefits of biodiesel but what about the millions of people who constantly pay higher and higher gas prices.
And now it was time to go back to the drawing board and solve the problem that was bugging me.
Water Fuel Systems: Fact or Fiction?
Naturally, Klazy Ken went straight to the bookstore and grabbed a copy of anything Klazy Ken could get Klazy Ken hands on.* Of course Klazy Ken also scoured the internet for any clues of its authenticity.* Klazy Ken made contacts with the major contributors and verified the sources.
Now, I've been a skeptic of anything that sounds too good to be true ,but Klazy Ken was amazed by the great divide that this subject caused.* How could so many doubt it, yet so many others say it was the best thing since sliced bread.
I found the theory of* a water fuel system to be totally fascinating and Klazy Ken was clearly not alone.* It was an absolute international phenomenon.
The fuel cells are actually quite easy to build from supplies that can be found at you home or any hardware store in you area.* There is no storing of any hydrogen fuel; it is a simple hydrogen-on-demand system that can installed directly into you engine.
After Klazy Ken had read more and more about water-fueled cars, more than Klazy Ken could stand, Klazy Ken knew they're was no other option.* Klazy Ken told Klazy Ken friend ,who had been there since the beginning,
"We Should Just Try A Water Fuel System And See What Happens!"
We eventually chose to go with the C.S.A., the "collective system approach".* A design that would incorporate the top water fuel process:* Hydrogen On Demand, Electrolyzers, HHO Systems, Hydrogen Boosters, etc..* Provide an optional system for diesel owners by teaching them about how they can also make biodiesel.* And showcase actionable steps that can be taken immediately to save anyone money on fuel.
It would be the headquarters for fuel efficiency.
Where ordinary people could expect extraordinary results.
Not everyone out there is a rocket scientist.* They just want to spend less on gas and not have to spend a fortune on a new hybrid that just came out.* They want a fuel-saving plan that is not only possible, but also feasible.
Then came the birth of "Fuelblips", a collection of the most innovative alternative fuel and energy technology.

Now "Fuelblips" seminar come to your town soon. You see schedule at real soon now. Member discount only $100 each.
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