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Make a note: Stay away from Sachi around the 22nd of March!

Andremn, hopefully you got the point, and not the horn. Like Ken says, maybe you can "finesse" the KW screen. But, most of them seem to be made for looks, and the designers cannot even spell'aerodynamics'.

Good luck!
No, she knows Zachery has an eye for her so she's doing her Power Lawyer Thing.........

He's probably chewing his keyboard by now Heh heh.....

The only windshield I thought was any good was the adjustable one on my '02 R1150 RT, one of the few things I liked about the bike. It was adjustable for height and deflection and actually worked very well, over all the bike was very comfortable really, with the windshield, adjustable seat and heated grips. Pretty easy to dial in for whatever type of riding or weather you were in
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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