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andremn, I got spoiled by an excellent windshield on my old Concours. After 30 years on bikes without fairings or windscreens, I found I liked riding in a calm pocket of air, especially on the Interstates or in the rain.

I've been struggling with windscreens for my VStrom since I got it. The original one is pretty large, and has a huge adjustment range, but I cannot get it to a point where my head isn't being hammered by air blasts. I studied the endless posts on the subject on a VStrom specific website, and bought a new aftermarket screen. Same results. My next step is to get a bracket that adds even more adjustability and see if that work. Or not, maybe just a sport screen that provides no wind and rain protection at all, but that does flow clean air at about chest level.

The 'Glide's mounting for the screen doesn't give much opportunity for adjustment. Maybe you can dump it on Ebay and buy some chrome instead. :D
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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