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A week ago I bought this Klock Werks windshield for my Roadglide. I took my first ride to a poker run in Fort Worth.First impression, Hmmmmmmmmmm, a little windy. After getting on the freeway, almost lost my hat, girlfriend got strangled by her helmet strap, turbulence sucked the air out our lungs and at 80 mph the wind as like a huricane. I got my first card, went home and changed the screen back to the stock Harley. Klock werks said they will not honor a return because it was designed to replace the stock harley screen????????? and I have a higher than stock shield. So? it still does not work.Looks very sexy though if you dont ride your bike. Thus I am in posession of a very new $160 windshield that does not shield the wind.
Certainly not recommended.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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