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The most important thing is braking.

I cannot speak to ABS other than having rented a newer RT with current generation ABS brakes. They were seamless to me, I never felt them engage even when hitting some tight corners at speed. My roadster has brembo non ABS brakes. Only Cervo actuated ABS were available back at the time of purchase. That system did not have the right feel to me so I didn't by it. I find the brembo brakes confidence inspiring allowing me to brake deeper into the corners at speed. I always have good to stellar tires and only ride aggressively when it is dry and I am 100% sure of good traction. Other than the occasional wheel hop when shifting aggressively I always feel confident entering a corner. The key for me is making sure you enter the corner at a speed that does not require major adjustment allowing acceleration out at an appropriate angle. This is my opinion and I only speak for myself. New gen ABS seems like a good idea to me especially for rusty pilots. Improved braking is one reason I like a lighter bike. This essay is a good refresh even if you get to ride all year.
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