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KTM U.S. Scores 2nd in Baja 1000

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so who scored 1st place?
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Team Honda, I'm guessing. LOL!
Campbell/Hengeveld, I'm assuming.
Pretty soon we will have headlines on who scored 21th. Very professional MO!
I was just throwing KTM a bone and publishing their Press Release, because I'm wrangling for a ride on the new 990 Duke. Work with me on this one, ok? -Sean
Which place does the motorcycle rider get who is the last one to come in before the very first 4 wheeled slug? I always chuckle when I see the ESPN cameras waiting breathlessly for the "winner" in his truck. While we're waiting motorcycles are finishing and the first one came in about three hours beforehand. Yet the journalists are waiting for the "winner".
In that case...

KTM? Damn wonderful...Here's to 'em...Absolutely, love the color orange...Can't imagine anything better...

Any chance of my getting to take the RC8 for a spin, when it shows up?

Oh well...So much for Kissing Ass to get a free ride...
I'm torn on that issue. I just don't know if I should laugh or cry.
Tell me about it. Everytime I hear someone discussing NASCAR, like it's exciting, I want to scream.
Mr. Alexander are the big duke and the big supermoto coming to a dealership near me?

so what's the scoop?
Oh, I see... Can I get a ride on the RC8? I promise I will work with you Sean :)
Actually, it is pretty amazing that the KTM finished where it did, in view of the total dominance of the Honda XR650. 9 Hondas in the top 10 positions!
Still workin on gettin a ride on the RC8, I see.

Good, on ya!

Persistance, and determination, I always say:)
We're number two! We're number two! First loser news ain't news.
Tell that to Honda's, MotoGP, team.

Can't wait to see Honda's Ad- Campaign, next year.

That one's gonna wear out some tap-shoes.
Oh boy, do I like that bike! Hey you never know, maybe I'll have one some day :) Have you seen the naked one they have? Very nice.
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