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KTM vs Ducs

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Just got my oogata license (in japan you need a separate license for big bikes) and looking to get a new bike. I realize such open ended questions are bound to trail a mile of cruft, but I'm going to open myself up to it. I'm looking at the monster s2r, hypermotard, compared to the ktm superduke or the upcoming aprilia shiver. I'd like to hear what experienced duc riders have to say about the general characteristics of duc vs ktm's vs aprilia in terms of build quality, reliability of bikes, and maintenance costs. I have a friend who has a ktm 950SM and a smaller 450ex motocross bike, and swears by ktm reliability, but I don't like the plastiky feel fo the bike. Never seen an aprilia in the flesh, but I hear that they are all of top quality and finish. I know that Duc's carry the most 'sexy factor', but that aside, how to the manufacturers measure up?

any opinions?
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Haven't seen many MT-O1's around in tokyo. The only one I've seen is one in the parking spot beside mine... but never one on the road.

I liked the muscle look of the mt-01 as well, and to an extent, the v-max. Too bad the next vmax is a v-4. I'm set on a twin.

I'll give the superduke a spin, and see how it feels like. I'm not big on the plasticy build though. but I do like the decepticon like angles.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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