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More BKS propoganda

Uh, I said "made to measure", as in you send in your measurements and they make it to those. It doesn't get any better fitting than that.

As for BKS pricing, forget that $1999 price from Headhunter and other US importers. Buy them factory direct. After you subtract that 17.5% VAT and do the conversion, made to measure suits start at about $1450. That gives you another $200 to get all the ventilation you need punched into it.

Speaking of ventilation, I live where it gets real hot, and even here there's about six months of the year where no ventialtion is a real blessing.

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[voice down two octaves]

[brooklyn accent]

Yo! How you doin? :p

[/brooklyn accent]

[/voice down two octaves]

okok lame HTML joke


Two things:

1) have you considered moving (instead of saying "moving up", I'd say "moving sideways" LOL) to a Canon Rebel 2000?

2) are you aware that if you strategically insert an E into your real email address (the one on the staff page) that it spells beavis? :p!

21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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