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Kurtis Roberts to race 500 GP

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New bike, new tires. Sounds like a high-side waiting to happen. Maybe two.
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do you people watch boxing for the "good clean fight"?

hell no, you watch it for the knockout. who gives a damn if KR is a menace or takes out other riders - its exciting to watch him race!! and that's what i watch racing for - excitement.
I hate Kurtis too he gets paid to race motorcycles and gets more beaver than the hoover dam. I love how all the people on this site bag on racers like they are going to read it and change there ways. Kurtis Roberts really cares what the people on this web site think. I bet he cries all the way to the bank he probably has trouble filling out his deposit slips through all the tears. Kurtis Roberts only cares what one person thinks about his racing and thats the guy that signs his paycheck. And everybody hates the guy that does what it takes to win. Everybody hated Dale Earnhardt back in the day and know that he's dead they make him out to be a saint. I say wreck your mom out of the race if its the diffrence between 1st and also ran.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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