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Kyalami Race Two: Bostrom!

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Re: Kayalami Race Two: Bostrom!

First post you SQUIDS!!! actually I am the squid, but anyway, Go Benny. I bet your what's-her-face Leann will come running back... Yeah right..
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Re: Kayalami or Kyalami?

OK, I know, it's not about bikes, but I'm a compulsive proofreader. What's up with this "new" spelling of Kyalami? Did they make some official change, or is Glenn just consistently misspelling it?
Re: Kayalami Race Two: Bostrom!

It's good to see that us yanks are up to speed in WSB. Too bad the TT's red rider bike is'nt performing well this year. I don't recall the honda having these troubles last season.
Re: Kayalami or Kyalami?

Ain't real-time, 24/7 interactive media great? Here it is about an hour later and the only trace of "Kayalami" is in the comment subject lines! Thanks, blip, you poor overworked technoid!
Re: Kayalami or Kyalami?

Thanks for the tip!
Boy oh boy!! I hope Bostrom has the courtesy to go over to the Honda garage and tell the mechanics "Thank you" for doing a poor job on Colin's is doubtful that Bostrom would have been able to take Colin for the remainder of the race.......
Agreed, I think Edwards was going to be hard to catch, he just looked too smooth..all credit to Bostrum tho..very exciting to watch. Pick for the season I think would have to be Corser on the Aprilia..
That was some sliding around by Bostrom on the Ducati! Great watching a former US Dirt-Track champion backing in and broadsiding out a high strung Euro bike the experts say must be ridden the classic in-line way. Did he ever spank that bike around the track. Go on Ben, back it in, that'll teach 'em!
Re: Kayalami Race Two: Bostrom!

There were a couple of hard-braking mini stoppies by Edwards halfway into race 1 that said "I can do no wrong".

Race 2: I hope it's not electrics like on Okada's race one "finish" or Honda is gonna have someone's ASS on a platter!

Hmmm...I wonder if there is a correlation between Ben's win and Juan Pablo Montoya getting knocked out of the Brazilian GP. Think about it... the ameriKan government wages war with Columbia and finally gets complete control of the world's cocaine supply. Isn't it obvious? Ben is symbolic of the U.S.A. while Montoya represents Columbia.

I am am very firm believer in that what goes around comes around.Treat people badly and boy one day it is going to come back at you big time.

Honda are getting theirs now,the way they got rid of Slight was shocking,and now what happens, the rider they chose to replace him has not finished a race yet,and the other bike croakes while in the lead.Honda are getting what they deserve.Strange as it may seem I am a Honda supporter,Slight must be sitting back and watching the antics of the Honda WSB team with a smile on his face.

And to top it all Edwards has got himself involved in a big political wrangle here in South Africa.
Re: Kayalami Race Two: Bostrom!

Bostroms stoppies looked better. I had never seen anyone slide the Ducati like he did in that race in and out of corners.
Clockwork orange?

Excellent observation. Now go watch clockwork orange. Then maybe Pink Floyd the Wall.

Why was Bens (dont want to spell his last name wrong with all these 80 year old female english teachers on here) L&M sponsorship covered up on his leathers and bike?
I think Bostrom is getting Mo' Confidence, and is doing really good especially for only his second year.
He back it in and backed it out!!!

It looks to me that the Aprilia is the bike to beat on the tighter tracks. It looks like on the big tracks that the new Ducati engine has the breakaway HP.
Re: L&M

South African Law doesn't allow racing to have Tobacco product advertising. I guess because it's considered a family sport or something crazy like that.
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