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Kyalami Race Two: Bostrom!

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Re: Kayalami Race Two: Bostrom!

First post you SQUIDS!!! actually I am the squid, but anyway, Go Benny. I bet your what's-her-face Leann will come running back... Yeah right..
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you are so quick to speculate. If i remember correctly, didn't ben win superpole? If colin would had stayed in, i think end result would be the same, Ben Boz #1. enough said.
Preach on my brother! Where are all the f**kers that thought ben was washed up now? They can all kiss Bens winning ass!
Ben has always been "too nice" about himself and his riding ability. He is always saying how good everyone esle rode and never patting himself on the back, like he should now and again. Ben is a true sportsman. I watched the race and the pass the Colin made on Ben was very cheap, and dangerous, although completly legal. When Colins bike broke down shortly after, the first thing I thought was, "Karma".
1 - 3 of 45 Posts
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