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Kyalami Race Two: Bostrom!

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Re: Kayalami Race Two: Bostrom!

First post you SQUIDS!!! actually I am the squid, but anyway, Go Benny. I bet your what's-her-face Leann will come running back... Yeah right..
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Colin has always been a good sportsman. I am guessing you are referring to his comment about almost running into the back of Corser or Bayliss? I noticed the very same thing while watching the race. There were several parts in the track that Colin didn't slow down at all, and everyone else was, or at least backing off the throttle, ie, where he passed Bostrom in race 2.

Even though I think his comment was OK, and not malicious, he doesn't usually do that. It's usually nice comments all around, about the track, riders, and how hard it was to win, etc. Bostrom on the other hand is not usually so gracious and non-, but he is changing it appears, which is great to see, because he's developing into quite the rider (and moreso, he's learning the tracks).

Rider quotes?

Can we get some rider quotes from after Race 2? I really want to know what Honda and Edwards both have to say.

amen Steve

Glad you said it before me, because I had a big explanation of taking things out of context lined up :p It was said in a totally joking manner, saying he kept pushing harder, but couldn't increase the gap between himself and Bayliss, he was complimenting Bayliss.

1 - 3 of 45 Posts
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