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Kyalami Race Two: Bostrom!

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Re: Kayalami Race Two: Bostrom!

First post you SQUIDS!!! actually I am the squid, but anyway, Go Benny. I bet your what's-her-face Leann will come running back... Yeah right..
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Re: L&M

Not to mention spelling a person's name right is not about being an 80 year old femail english teacher. I'm not the best speller, or writer (with regards to grammer), but I think spelling prominent racer's names correctly is a little easier to get. Maybe that's just because he's American and I've seen it a lot.

You can take the easy way out and use BenBoz, that seems to be a common nickname (like Foggy or Go-Show[Anthony Gobert]).
Re: Listening to post race comments

His comment (after race 1) about Bayliss echoed Troy B's own remark. Bayliss was talking about how Edwards was probably getting fed up with him trailing him by the same or smaller margin. Edwards agreed, "He was pissing me off." He was referring to the fact that he was staying with him, regardless of what Edwards was doing to lose him.

I know he's a little more than last year, part of that is being the defending champion. Just because he is not in first place now, don't expect him to cower and cry about being behind.

And if we're going to talk about racer's attitudes, let's talk about King Carl, he was never a pleasant person regardless of results.
1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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