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The biggest improvement to the fans would be a combination haircut, bath and shave combined with some casual yet stylish attire in light summery fabrics, cotton of course being the hit of this season. Accessorized with perhaps a small diamond or hoops and a nice matching flat chain neckless in silver or gold for the ladies and a nice button down casual print and cargo shorts combo for the gentleman.

The sleeves of course should be long enough to cover the oh-so-overdone "tribal" tatoo's , and bare midrifes on the women should be discouraged unless they're trim and athletic with no unsightly stretch marks or blemishes. Footwear is of course more relaxed and sandles are acceptable. However socks and sandles, particularly black socks and sandles are the stylistic equivilent of a booger hanging out of your nose and should be discouraged.

These simple improvments should make raceday more pleasent for all viewers and cost so little.......
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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