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Laguna Seca's not too bad, if you go for the MotoGP. We recommend getting there on Thursday, in order to have dinner with Valentino Rossi courtesy of AGV Helmets, who will also take care of your hotel bill for the long weekend at the Hyatt.

You can watch the practices on Friday - your VIP passes are good for the whole weekend - or visit the Robb Report hospitality suite and classic bike & car show and auction in Monterey.

Traffic is less crazy on Saturday than it will be on Sunday, so that's the day to ride in and park your motorcycle in the Honda lot right next to the Parts Unlimited hospitality tent on Turn 5, where they have tent and umbrella shade, hot hors d'ouvres and a lunch buffet and cold drinks, and an awesome view of the riders as they arc through the turn about 20 feet from your table. Today's also a good day to use your pit passes to tour the pits, see the GP crews and meet Michael Jordan at his team's area. Cheer on your shop racer as he competes in the AMA race after the MotoGP practices. Finish the day with Kevin Scwantz, Eddie Lawson, and other legends as you close the bar at the Hyatt - it turns out that's where they hang out and they're normal guys and are happy to talk about bikes and racing until 2 am.

Sunday is nuts, and the crowds are impossible, so take a Red Bull helicopter from your hotel to the Red Bull hospitality tent at the start line. They don't quite have the view of the Parts Unlimited tent, because the racers are moving too fast and it's farther from the course, but the bar cannot be beat and the widescreen plasmas show a live video feed from every turn and it's well air-conditioned. And you can see the podium fairly well, so you'll see Rossi (who you gave one of your shop shirts on Thursday) probably get a first instead of a third this year. Wait until the crowds leave, and then do a lap on the track on your shop racer's HRC CBR1000RR after they leave the access gate open.

Well, that's what we did, anyway.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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