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Laguna WSBK Race Two

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Good job Ben! I missed the 2nd race (Fox-SW didn't carry it for some damned reason!!.. bastards!)

First race was awesome though... Ben rode like a mother to catch those guys, and that pass on Hodgson at the corkscrew... wow!.. what a set-up!

Eric did himself pretty proud as well, I think.

What a weekend for the Bostrom clan!

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WHY DIDN"T MLADIN RACE? After hearing him CONSTANTLY popping off about how he "could race with the best in the world and win" and how he has the "best crew in racing", surely this would have been the ideal stage to put up or shut up. But no..he was a no show. What gives? Who's going to make some cornball excuse why Mladin didn't race?
Re: Laguna WSBK Race Two//where was Matt?

I couldn't agree with you more. Didn't he just say that Eric B should go back to club racing? Didn't Eric B just whoop his ass? Didn't Eric B just come in 5th in the world this weekend?

As you said, this would have been a great stage to prove what a big man he is but no, he chose to sit it out. He'll tell you he has nothing to prove but I think the truth is that he knows he'd get whooped and his ego just can't take that.

It's great he speaks out for rider safety, we need more like him in that regard, but if he thinks he's 'the man' and so much smarter, faster, etc.. he should go out and show us what he can do. After all, if the AMA guys aren't in his league, surely the SBK guys meet his standard.
Yeah, just wish Eric Bostrom has more horsepower in his ZX-7R. You can see the V-twins would out accelerate him out of the corners! Very frustrating.

It would be great if Eric wins the AMA titles (both 600 and SBK) and then move on to World SBK to race with Ben!!
Why wouldn't Matt race?

I have defended Mladen for staying in the AMA for a lot of reasons, but now I am not so sure. Is the Kwak set up the same for AMA and WSB, but the gixxer is illegal for WSB? That doesn't make any sense, but it is the only reason that I can think of for Mladin to sit out.
Not a particular lover or hater of Mat. But, I can think of two possible reasons:

1) Still recovering from the injury

2) 100% focused on the AMA title and not wanting to risk a crash or a loss of focus

Then again, maybe someone should ask him.

To all the other posters in this thread - none of the Suzukis racing in the AMA is homologated for SBK. They run different frames and fuel systems. It was a choice from Suzuki not Mladins team not to run (not that I believe they even have the parts to). Eric did well on the 7RR ( a well established bike with minimal differences between the AMA and SBK models) and deserves to be congratulated.

If you're going to flame Mat why not DuHamel or any of the other top AMA riders.
Eric told me that the bike was way down on power. Congrats to Al and Danny on a great result.

I have all the pitlane action photo's at section.

Thanks to Kawasaki for letting me watch the races on there pitlane monitor.
The Honda's have a different Frame homolgated for WSBK use, not the same chassis as in the AMA.
Let's see. Going for third AMA consecutive championship. Leading series by almost 20 some points. What do you suppose would have happened if he got injured racing the WSBK. There was nothing on the line except pride. Would you have taken a chance at losing your title hopes for some stinking pride. Not to mention he had obvious problems and I know that I would not have wanted to race against them unless I was 100% and it was obvious he was not 100% this weekend. Especially since he would have been racing for pride alone.

I think most of you guys are way to harsh on Matt M. I don't know him, never met him but I do know he can ride the wheels off the Suzuki and he is dedicated and focused to wining his third straight championship. You should give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that is why he didn't ride. Eric however is young, still has stuff to prove and is without a championship plus I believe he thought he had a real chance at winning. With that in mind I can understand why he raced WSBK.
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Sure, 'pride.' Matt said his leg was healed 100% this weekend. As far as the AMA championship: remember, the AMA guys are just a bunch of amatures to Matt. Since they are the equilivent of 'club racers' to Matt, he should have no problem retaining his #1 plate.

I don't buy 'having problems this weekend' since Suzuki would have had to apply for a wild card entry a few weeks agoand they didn't. Face it, he's a puss.
When did he say all the things you are repeating? Did you read it online or in a Mag? If you have a URL pass it on.

You know I don't think it really matters who the champ is. Before Matt it was Ben and everyone said he sucked because he won without winning any races. Before Ben it was Chandler and everyone picked on him becuase he won championships buy always being there at the end of a race. He never had to ride crazy and out of control and he never really dominated the series but still won races and championships. Before him it was Duhamel and Russell. I loved watching Russell race and win but still people always seem to talk about whoever the big dog is at the time.

So Kawasaki has figured out how to make a reasonably competitive bike that conforms to both SBK and AMA rules. I wonder why Suzuki cannot do that. Did the obviously massive effort they made on the gixxer line wipe out their resources? AMA and the Japanese Superbike series are the only places I can think of that Suzuki is doing well at a really high level.

Club racing is another story altogether.
What about coverage for the Umbrella Girls?

Check this URL at

Several pages of hotties, damn I'm sorry I missed WSC at Laguna this year.
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