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Lane Splitting now legal in Texas

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Let's hope Texas cagers aren't like Georgia cagers and move over on lane splitters just for sh!ts and giggles.

I've had more a-holes cut over on me just to stop me even when they can't go anywhere, it gives you warm fuzzy feeling and faith in mankind don't it?
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HB1522 died in committee. It was not even voted on, let alone passed.
Dallas is not a Motorcycle friendly city simply due to the fact that you get this same kind of treatment. Not but 2 months ago I was boxed front and back and then found myself sharing the lane with an a-hole at 60mph. We spent the next few seconds exchanging glances, waves and a wry smile. I knocked on his window to signal him to move back over into the other lane, then I took his driver-side mirror off with my fist. He moved over at the very last second just as I was about to be forced off onto the debris littered shoulder. Called the cops as soon as I got to work. Lane splitting here will see it's fair share of violators on both sides of the handlebars.
Lane splitting is not legal in Georgia, they might be moving over on you because you are breaking the law and they dont expect you to be there. If a everyone is stopped in traffic and someone tries to cut around on the emergency lane they will do the same because thats breaking the law.
They rarely do it here in Caleefornia. Go around them on the other side.
Dead in Committee

I remember this from a while back. As a Texas I even wrote to the sponsor and my reps. For all the good it did. It died in committee.
It's just as well. Knowing Texans the next thing you'd expect to see is shytkickers in 1 Ton Dodge dualies trying to lanesplit.......
just because your not suppose to lanesplit doesn't give cagers the right to enforce the law and try to run you off the road what trouble does it cause a cager with you splitting lanes
Same trouble it causes anyone when they see someone breaking the law. Cagers have no right to enforce the law but at the same time if the motorcyclist is doing something illegal he has no right to get upset. I am sure some ahole cagers do try do run lanesplitters off the road, but here in Georgia cagers may see an open spot in the lane next to them and not expect a bike to be zooming down in between lanes(because its illegal) and hit a lane splitting biker. Now the cager has a death on his hands and the biker is dead. Nobody wins.

The worst trouble it causes is everyone knows its illegal and cagers then form another great opinion of the reckless biker who does not care about the laws.
That's when I kick their rear view mirrors off.

Watch out for Volvos though, the side view mirrors on older ones seem to be connected directly to the frame. You have to use a kind of twisting motion with your boot, or you get pushed right off the back of the bike.
I royaly peeved the driver of a lincoln navigator in a virginia trafic jam, trafic was stoped and the dude behind me was intent on shaing my space so I sliped up a few spots to get out of his kill zone and this guy in the navigator stood on his horn, all I can chalk it up to is jelousy, as I passed him at a walking speed and came nowhere near to cutting him off.. I breifly considered informing him that I also get 50 mpg but though beter of it lest he decide to swap some paint with me. anti lane spliting has nothing to do with safety, it is simply misery loves company and it realy pissses them off to see someone making progress.
How is this getting around now? The bill died in committee long ago. This is the 5th or 6th place I have seen postings claiming that it is legal. THIS LAW WAS PROPOSED ONLY, NEVER VOTED ON, NEVER PASSED. It won't be eligible to be seen again until 2007.

The legislator who introduced the bill did it at the request of his senior aid, who is a rider. It was done to test the waters. It was never expected to go anywhere.

The reason it is dated Sep 1 2005 is a proposed law has to have a proposed starting date.
Having owned one of every model since '67, I can categorically deny any frame-mounted mirrors on Volvos. In fact, they invented the flexible mirror that doesn't break if it's gently moved out of the way. Of course, if you come down on it from above, it will come right off and dangle nicely by the adjustor cables. On the other hand, look out for GM cars -- their mirrors don't move AT ALL (as I found out from painful personal experience).
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