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Lane splitting proposed for Texas

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Sweet. Too bad I don't live in Texas. I hope someone introduces this in CO. Lanesplitting I-25 at rush-hour would be awesome - dangerous as all get out - but awesome nonetheless.

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I got 6th in my class (out of 14 bikes). Not bad for a 270 lb. bike with 16 horsepower.

Gary Jones won it on a Cheney Triumph sponsored by White Bros.

Just wait 'till next year!

Not completely impossible. During rush hour commute, the number of big SUV's isn't that great; after all, the drivers have to buy ga$$ for them and park them. Weekends and driving to resort areas is admittedly a different problem. Also, m/c commuters (rush hour type) are conditioned to keep a close watch and not ride like a squid - even if on a Duc or big 4 sportbike, and after enough encounters, the cage drivers seem to accept it. (If the cage has AZ or TX plates, though, watch out!)

Worst situation I ever experienced personally was leaving the SBK races at Laguna Seca. Traffic back to Silicon Valley and SF was very heavy and a camper and a duallie were determined to keep us bikes at bay. Ultimately we all formed into hunter packs. One or two would attempt to go up between, the road rage drivers would squeeze to prevent it, and a mob would pass on the right. (a few toward the median, also). The process continued.

Thinking back, I shiver slightly at the thought that the drivers were probably carrying, but didn't think to exercise their 2'nd amendment "rights" - well they consituted a Well Regulated Militia, didn't they?
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Re: Pete is LA moto god!

Thanks for the Kudos, D.O.A., Buzz. I try to live by a code of humulity. It just makes my life easier(most of the time). Without sounding arrogant I probably was just cruising during those lovely excursions we shared. But didn't realize to what degree my lane splitting has apparently elevated. Ya see, when I first started riding motorcycles(right here in L.A.)I really had no concept of what was the norm, or as some or most might say, safe. I just thought that's how it was done. Then as I fell into the courier field it just escalted due to the nature of the business. Now, right or wrong, that's how I ride. But it's never malicious(usually), it just came to be that way. I don't know if it's something to be proud of but it's what I know.
it's kinda funny, other states let you ride w/o a helmet yet won't let you lane split.

Riding w/o a helmet is a proven bonehead move, lane splitting is proven safe (as per the Hurt Report).

For all that red staters say about California, we do it right, for example...

a) lane splitting

b) hot tubs with ocean/sunset views

c) free hi speed wi/fi access at state beaches

d) legal to grow pot for your own use
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Perhaps if ABATE would be willing to put forth as much effort to legalize lane splitting as they do for repealing helmet laws, motorcyclists would be able to filter in many more places besides California.
Nice thing about Greece is that speed radars are rare and you can always find an empty strip at some places, even during morning rush hour. There, I regularly reach 130mph. On the highway from Athens to Patras (150miles) I only met one speed trap during a round trip two weeks ago! So, if you are a bit lucky and careful you can have fun and be safe.
We have a change to get it in 2009 in Texas.. BIG STEP!

interested in legalizing lane-sharing? do something about it. -

See this. Sorry to resurrect an old thread. But we actually have a chance. Will take 3-4 mins of your time. Grassroots is the only way this will happen. Even if you won't split, read it, so you can support the rights of motorcylists.
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