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Latest ''flow through'' street jackets

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Re: Latest ''flow through'' street jackets

Finally First Post Sukas. I been trying for 2 yrs. Anyway I have a teknik (however you spell it) mesh with CE armor that I can ride across the mojave desert in 115 degree heat and not drop dead. It works pretty well and it seems tough enough to survive a crash, though I am sure it would be totally ripped up and good for nothing afterwards. The neoprene collar and snap sleeves are a nice touch
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Re: Cooling Vest?

I use a Joe Rocket Reactor jacket which has perforated leather arms and fabric mesh body.

I bought and used for the first time the Joe Rocket Cooling Vest when riding in the four corners area of Colorado it was 98. The vest worked so good I could not believe it. When we stopped I was running up to my riding partners and asking them to feel of my belly. It was very cool to the touch. My wife had to take hers off, saying she was getting to cold.

They are great!
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