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Latest From MotoCzysz to be Unveiled at RobbReport Laguna Event.

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I think once you throw in all the options, especailly the airbag, the Gold Wing is likely the most technologically advanced motorcycles built in America (I'm not a Gold Wing Rider).
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I agree!

I am a Gold Wing rider and I agree with the above statement!
Saw a old Cadillac in half and you have a lead/goldwing
Technicaly advanced motorcycles are fantastic so long as you live near a technicaly advanced service cenrtre.I recently spoke to a rider who had to truck his Goldwing out of eastern europe because of what turned out to be a small electrical problem.Unfortunatly none of the small repair shops was equiped to diagnose the technicaly advanced electrical system.

Simplicity is the key to freedom and enjoyable motorcycling.

Keep techno nerds away from motorcycles.
I don't care what ANYBODY says!

My BUELL is the most technologically advanced bike!!! (in my garage......)

Ocams Razor. Google it.


It's "Occam's Razor"
"MotoCzysz, an American motorcycle company producing the most advanced, high performance motorcycles made in the U.S.A. The world class team of designers and engineers has produced innovative solutions that have been awarded US and world wide patents, including a patent for a high performance counter rotating, twin crank combustion engine. "

Uh, they've yet to "produce" anything but Vapourware, Promises, and a seemingly neverending supply of non-working (but technologically advanced!) Mockups.

Isn't this like the 17th "Unveiling" of the Moto-Zzzzzz?
Re: oooops....

That means that, by and large, the simplest answer is probably the right answer, right?
I hear they are perfecting a special 'sailboat' fuel for it. And they'll give you all you want for free!
Ah....reminds one of the never ending list of British world beaters that never happened which you are familiar.

Don't count the Czysz out yet and that's my one line quip for this day.


I wonder if they would know how to fix the 6 volt system in Skodas.
Re: I don't care what ANYBODY says!

All I get is did you mean Occam's Razor?
Here's hoping for a real working machine from these guys. I believe what they have run previously were powered by conventional motors? I've gotta agree with that much new technology I'd be hesitant to bet on their reliability, they make me salavate big time.
sure, blind drunk on homemade Vodka and with a butter knife to strip the wires.
Re: I don't care what ANYBODY says!

I have a razor but it's Steven's razor, I think it used to be Gillette's razor till I bought it off them
Just the kind of thing for Robb Report followers to jump on
Volkswagon fix the Skodas,they bought out the company.
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