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Le Mans Moto GP Results

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Great race! 3 guys skating on the edge, tires shredding away... Gibernau earned it. Rossi behaved like a champ. Rossi is a champ.

Mugello could be amazing: Ducati at home, Barros well, Sete all steamed up.
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Totally sick race!

Absolutely punked the Indy 500 snorefest for entertainment value! The wrong race was on network TV. When will motorcycle racing get some freakin' respect in the states? Sing along with me MOrons!

"You say you want a revolution, well you know . . ."
The last corner was insane... you can tell Rossi was going for broke there when he drifted all the way onto the grass/gravel sideways at full throttle trying to catch Gibernau. I couldn't believe he stayed on.
That last lap was "awesome", Sete and Valetino must of passed each other 4 or 5 times on that one lap alone! I don't know how they both kept control.
MotoGP is great

5 different bike makers in the top 10. Take that WSB. Great race better than Indy.
Re: MotoGP is great

Yeah, 5 different bike makers. And 3 on Hondas are 1,2,3 in the standings, and Honda hasn't lost a GP race in how long? Add up all the other 4 makers WINS and then come back when they actually get one ok? Being an also-ran doesn't get the votes. By the way, no inline fours have won a thing. Take that KPaul.
Hu-waaaa! (In your best Bruce Lee yell)

Yes brother longride, but I fear he practices K-Pau Kook Fu!

And I just got back from a 340 round trip through the twisties of the Ozark foothills on my DR350! Talk about high cornering speeds!

Singles & Twins Forever!
Don't foreget Mugello is also Aprilia's home track. Apperently they have a new verision of the Cube motor (lighter) and a new chassis to wrap around it.

God I hope those guys get competitive. It would be awsome to see Proton, Aprilia, Honda, Yamaha, and Ducati all mixing it up. Sorry, Suzuki and Kawasaki need a lot more work.

Granted the Proton is an unknown, and the Aprilia has the potential, but a new bike for both teams 5 weeks into the season really throws some more into the mix...
You meet the nicest people .....

Ducati was doing well until Baylis slipped. The season is still young. Your Harley made it all the back from SD? But those twisty roads near Sturgis would be so much more fun on your Ninja. Made the mistake of going a vacation to Mt. Rushmore during Sturgis. My wife had to cover her halter top otherwise I was going to have to pull the 12 guage from the RV on some biker wanna bees. My hatred for V-Twins started then. :) Good thing I met the nicest people on inline 4s
Re: MotoGP is great

Let's see, it was seven GPs ago (counting into last season) that Max Biaggi won a GP on an inline four Yamaha.
Re: You meet the nicest people .....

The only fun thing to ride on those twisty roads near Sturgis is a dirtbike so you can more easily dodge all the drunks riding back from Deadwood...
They gotta get that damn Aprilia sorted for Colin as its making him look stupid compared to Bayliss.

As for looking stupid what about our boy Scott Dixon hitting the wall during the Indy snorefest when he was weaving to keep the tires warm under yellow? That was some way to screw up his rookie drive there when running about 6th.
Re: You meet the nicest people .....

"Ducati was doing well until Baylis(sic) slipped."

That's right up there with "I missed a gear" and "If I only would have...." How was Honda doing when they waved the checkered? Ducati isn't an inline four either.

"The season is still young."

Wanna bet on the outcome then?

"Your Harley made it all the back from SD?"

3500 miles and never missed a beat. It's got 23 grand plus a few and still looks and runs like new. Hard to swallow, is it not?

"But those twisty roads near Sturgis would be so much more fun on your Ninja."

How so? Riding a dresser two up quickly takes as much or more skill as it would on the Ninja. Not going as fast, but cranking on the dresser is just as much fun. Since riding skill is in short supply these days, most people buy faster bikes to stroke their ego. Besides, I don't really own a Ninja, remember?

"Good thing I met the nicest people on inline 4s "

Too bad the ones that met you can't say that!
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Re: You meet the nicest people .....

Never said I was pro inline 4. I am only anti-VTwin.
Re: You meet the nicest people .....

Since YOU ride on the street and at less than 140 MPH I don't see why.
Re: You meet the nicest people .....

I just think V-Twins days are numbered in racing. :) I don't hate em. Just think that > 2 is better in racing.
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