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''Learn To Wheelie'' with Jerry Jones

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I click on the link at the top of the page, maybe to order the video, or at least see how much it is, and it sends me to Motorcycle Superstore where you can't find it with their search tool ??? WTF ??
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This oughta give all those d1ckheads with gixxer 1000s and blown busas who think they got skills 'cause they can nail it in third and hold the front up with just the motor somethin to think about...
Nope. Never saw the movie, and don't intend to.
The banner ad doesn't work, and neither does the link to his site at the top of the article.

C'mon MO.

I can't wheelie worth a damn, Jerry's my saviour, help a brother out, help a brother get it up and keep it up.

Get us a link that works!
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i can do that, 'cept better, i do it on the front wheel!!!!!<--------*wakes up in a cold sweat and wet the bed*
Oh Reeeeeeeally!

Well then I can't wait to see your video Bro'! Back it up or pack it up, Boyee! Seriously though, I think it's pretty cool that for those who choose to dance with the devil that there are other ways to learn the skeelz than trial and error. I'm always impressed by the preparation that goes into a Hollywood stunt that lasts just a few seconds on screen. Kudos to Jones for sharing the knowledge with the up and comers. Just out of curiousity, how did you learn your alleged front wheel stuntz "crashedupderby"?
Not that I can loft the front wheel worth a damn, but it'd be nice to see a Wheelie-Master do his thing without the aditional motor spinning the front wheel for stability, ala Doug Demokous(sp?)(rip).
Whether you can wheelie or not, or whether you could care less, it is still pretty cool to see Jerry perform. Another example of the possibilities with honed rider skill.

With the blustery and frigid weather these days, now is the time to check the Classifieds for used thumpers!
Man can that guy Wheelie a bike!!

OK I want to buy this CD, hours of enjoyment, and I might just learn something..... :)

I can do OK wheelies, on my SM RMX250 or the VTR1000F, but nothing even close to this.

I learned how to wheelie as a kid on bicycles, then on to dirt bikes, where you have to be able to loft the front wheel to get over stuff like logs or rocks.

If you want to learn about the "Balance Point, thne you should go out and grab your Mt. Bike, some gloves, knee pads and a helmet, and try doing wheelies (POWER WHEELIES) on that, once you can get it up and keep it up for a ways, then try the bike thing.

Man that is cool, remeinds me of the guy who do trials riding, now they can control a bike :)

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It's a shame we have to pay for Jerry's "how-to" video from MO when we already paid for the online subscription. Where can a free document be found on this subject?
Tragic indeed!

Having to pay people for their products or services. Just who do they think they are?! Commie pinkos?! Don't they know that making a profit is un-American!

Can you hear yourself yet Doogle? Cause you and all the rest of the "free freaks" need to build a time machine and go back to the early-70's USSR when communism hadn't utterly collapsed yet. If you saw the vid advertised in Cycle World, would you be *****ing that it wasn't included in the cost of your subscription? Puhleaase already!
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