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You are effectively arguing that there is simply no right answer to this problem, and that no one on either side can be correct.

We are talking about sand and plants. This is not rocket science. Clearly the sand doesn't care that it's being ridden on (if you disagree with this, then all hope is lost.) Two-stroke emissions in these amounts are negligible, and have a non-effect, especially compared with what the earth does to itself. Is there smog in Glamis? Is there a hole in the ozone layer there? Let common sense prevail. Mr. Patterson's contention nonwithstanding, the Bureau of Land Management says that this particular fauna, critical to our survival, is doin' jus' fine. Can you conceive of a result that would convince him otherwise? Do you think that it is possible, no matter what the evidence, to persuade him to change his mind?

Those that would control us at the expense of our freedoms have no interest in the truth that you speak of. There are no results of any study that could ever change their point of view. This is virtually a religious quest for them (literally in some cases.)

By the way, just what to motorcycles and ATV's have to do with erosion? Just what would you like to accomplish? Hey everybody, lets band together, pitch in and help STOP PLATE TECTONICS!! All those earthquakes and volcanoes are bad for the environment!! All we need to do is pass a law making natural occurences illegal!

You would say that Rush and Jesse tell people how to think, yet you say McCain is the real deal? You are being shamelessly manipulated by the press, who fawned over McCain like no other candidate in recent history.

Everything is not a left-right battle. It is a wrong-right battle. (It is unfortunate that I will be labled a right-winger for saying this, but it says a lot about the labelers.) Poeple who want to straddle the fence are just too much of a wimp to stand up for anything, and are more of a problem than those with blantantly wrong positions.

"If you are not for me, you are against me."

Jesus Christ
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