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Live Daytona Coverage

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I'll be doing the Reserve Drill weekend thing.

If my darling wife screws up the VCR settings, I won't be worth living with for a good while!
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Even I won't ***** about speed all the time.

Since speed took over the broadcasting rights to the D200 (was it espn that had it before?) they've done a bang up job on the big week. They show alot more qual. stuff, usually show most of the other races.

So there, I can be nice to speed, now they need to keep up this much coverage (IMO, we've discussed this to death on the other thread, yada, yada, yada)
Re: Even I won't ***** about speed all the time.

Don't METH around with the SPEED channel...

Not that I'd know anything about that.
I hear you...Nothing like coming home to your VCR thinking I am going to watch the game or race I taped and then you find a Barney tape in it.
Did you guys see Duhamel kick it up a notch in the final minute of Formula Extreme Qualifying? Beautiful! Gotta like those old guys.
And he surgically removed two guys in the esses too. The guy is amazing. And there is a Buell in the top 10!!!!! Any bets it makes it past 100 miles?
And he surgically removed two guys in the esses too. The guy is amazing. And there is a Buell in the top 10!!!!! Any bets it makes it past 100 miles?
If the Buell won it would be won of the biggest upsets in sports history. How many years have the Japanese been perfecting the inline 4 cylinder engine powered sport bike? I be rooting for Buell.
I'm confused (not the 1st time). I checked the AMA website for the FX starting grid, and I didn't see a single Buell listed. Then I checked, dito.

I know there has to be some Buell guys out there, but I don't see them in the list. Where did you see them at?
I was watching qualifying last night and one was in there when they listed the final qualifying right after Miguel closed the session. Might have been a typo on their part. I'll do some further checking.

I commented on this problem a few days ago. Our VCR and cable box are in a cabinet. I tape the doors shut and leave a note on it. That works with older kids. Plus, I guess it's age, but I always forget that the SpeedTV schedule is listed for eastern time. You can print it out with whatever time zone you're in, which is what I have to do because I can no longer subtract. I hate finding I've recorded NASCAR highlights three hours after the race was over.
I just checked several sources and the Buell is nowhere in any top 15. Must have been drinking too heavily to see straight. Sorry for getting your hopes up.
Not a problem. I just would like to see someone other than Honda win a FX race

I can't tell you how much I hate my cable company. They charge $50 a month for basic cable (!), and don't even carry SPEED. I would love to have DirecTV, but they can't use the installed cable jacks in my apartment. I would have to have wires everywhere on the floor and unplug the satellite if I wanted to shut the balcony door.

If there are any San Diego lawyers reading this, how about a class action lawsuit against Time-Warner Cable for putting thousands of people under tremendous mental distress?
Wot a letdown! The big guns in Superbike run 15 (count 'em) laps and go home and then the second string run the 200. What a disappointment! I taped it on Tivo and will watch the 200 manana.
As I watched the FX race on Saturday, the announcers stated that the Yamaha that had qualified 5th was incorrectly listed as a Buell. Then, right after they made that statement, they put up the same erroneous message. I didn't think I had been drinking that heavily. So, the mystery has been cleared up. Their mistake, not mine. I feel so much better. The race, however, sucked.
I heard the same thing on speed channel, and I checked on another website (can't find it now) and they showed buell with Shawn Higbee 5th on the grid. I tuned in to see if the Buell would have a chance, and what a bore. It was a race until the first pit stop and then it was dull.

I'd really hoped to see a Buell at least make a bit of a showing. Still, how did they get this so screwed up. I didn't even see a buell in the qualifying rounds on the AMA website. I don't even know if Higbee is riding for Buell.

Eric get yourself a pilot, some HD$$ (i hear they have a few) and put in an effort. People are starting to notice the product, and exposure like this will do nothing to hurt sales. Just making a top 10 starting grid position would be a start.

As for a powerplant keep it simple, redesign the lump with a 4 valve ohc, stronger, faster, lighter,and keep it air cooled (hey you're a genius aren't you?) Good luck

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