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I heard the same thing on speed channel, and I checked on another website (can't find it now) and they showed buell with Shawn Higbee 5th on the grid. I tuned in to see if the Buell would have a chance, and what a bore. It was a race until the first pit stop and then it was dull.

I'd really hoped to see a Buell at least make a bit of a showing. Still, how did they get this so screwed up. I didn't even see a buell in the qualifying rounds on the AMA website. I don't even know if Higbee is riding for Buell.

Eric get yourself a pilot, some HD$$ (i hear they have a few) and put in an effort. People are starting to notice the product, and exposure like this will do nothing to hurt sales. Just making a top 10 starting grid position would be a start.

As for a powerplant keep it simple, redesign the lump with a 4 valve ohc, stronger, faster, lighter,and keep it air cooled (hey you're a genius aren't you?) Good luck

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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