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Live in TN? Wanna Ride a Boss Hoss?

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3-4 times the power and 10 times the weight. Yeeee Haaa
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or not.
I'll just stick with going to the Aprillia Demo Days in Louisville this weekend instead. I'd rather test ride motorcycles that can turn.
Hey, they're "engineered for total performance, not just speed."
And don't miss the debut of the most popular Boss Hoss accessory: the new Boss Hoss trailer. Now included: wet bar, jacuzzi, room for 4 Boss Hosses, and a new PC with photo software to superimpose you and your Boss Hoss into spots all over the world where you might someday ride your bike.

Special thanks to event sponsor Dr Ling's Male Enhancement Clinic.


My boots smell like old cheese.
A small block bosshoss weighs around 1200 pounds. What kind of bike are you riding that weighs 120 pounds? Yes they are heavy but if you haven't ridden one it's an experience you will never forget. It might not be your cup of tea but if the sound of the cammed up small block at idle and the 400 ft lb's of torque when you crank it on, doesn't put a smile on your face, well maybe you should check your pulse.
If the 400 lbs ft of torque doesn't get your pulse pumping perhaps the first decreasing radius turn will.
Uh, No. And NO.
Sorry, I have a Bigblock Chrysler in my Roadrunner that does all that for me, when I have the "V8 urge".
Can't help but wonder how much MO got paid (or laid) for posting this "news".

jb must be ROLHFAO.

I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about 70's hair styles.......
Sorry your Roadrunner weighs 3400-3500 pounds while it might do it for you it is not a 1200 pound motorcycle. The bosshoss is not for everyone(I don't have one anymore either)

but it is still a motorcycle. I love muscle cars but it is still a CAGE.
Are they still age discriminatory for the test rides?
Best response!
I'm trying to get from a claimed 355 HP at the crank to 3-4 times the power of any production motorcycle. Probably 275 at the rear wheel, or 1.7 x the new Kawasaki ZX14.

I hate to ask this but what's the KPPI?
Stick the knife in and twist why don't you! Why??
Actually it weighs about 3700lbs. And I'm not sorry. But, it can get where you're going with "Authority".

And it's just like the bosshoss - there are a shyteload of vehicles on the road that outperform it.

As I said, when I get the urge to listen to a V8 at full-song, it's like a snickers: really satisfies.

1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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