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2001 VFR the best of the breed...

Original Article:
Living with the VFR

I tend to echo much of what was said about the 2000 series. I drive a 2001 which was named best sport touring bike in the world by the european press. after living with this bike since 2002 i can echo those words. Mine has numerous upgrades that make it better some factory some personal. The factory ditched the fast idle on the machine and it is not needed. During hot day i just shut it down at the light and it always starts instantly and you just pull away. Helps push the mileage to a high of 55 mpg. The VFR mileage increases and the miles increase. Above 20,000 it goes from 35 to over 45. i have now 32,000 and i get 50-55 regularly on regular fuel. Also the 2001 does not have an electrical rectifyier problem like earlier years.

My upgrades were to pilot power tires, and i recommend 34 psi front and back. the local race school uses the vfr for demo rides and that is what they set it up at. i also had the suspension upgraded with EBC HH+ pads, high performance lights that will melt snow, multiple brake lights, and high reflectivity body art, ohlin suspension, and a race setup. it rides super smooth and handles whatever you throw at it without any drama. Wet or dry, calm or windy, it does not care. I also have three GIVI bags so i can lock up stuff. i get snickers from the race guys until they seem me keeping up without any problem, and when i can pull out cold drinks and food when they are thirsty.

The mechanics of the machine is so good that your maintenance is just look to see pressures and fluid levels are good and you go. yearly maintenance is maybe changing the synthetic oil and that is it. I run Cool Ice in the radiator and it helps some. Just change it out in the winter as it will freeze. In vegas we dont have that problem.

as far as heat goes on the engine, i dont find that a problem and i see up to 116 degree heat. try driving a FJR1300 or the new concours and see if the VFR is hot to you, or one of the cruisers. Now that is an eye opener on a hot day.

The only problem with the vfr is that it does so many things well that there is no one bike that can replace it. The 2001 is far better than the VTEC versions. Here we dont need ABS, but the new front design is nice. I like the ergonomics and seat of the 2001 the best, and the side pipe is prefered to under the seat pipes.

all in all it is a very enjoyable machine, that saves you money in buying something else every six months because it looks good in the showroom but you cant live with it. For me, I have been driving bikes for 40 years, and I can honestly day it has turned out to be the most perfect bike to ride, and own. Nothing else comes close.



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