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Old touring Bikes?!

Are you kidding?

I have seen a couriour (french spelling, imported by William of Orange) with bunches of roses--at least four dozen by counting the number of vases (yes!) that were strapped into the milkcrate on 20-year-old 450cc Hondas. They would never ride touring bikes because they wouldn't fit through traffic...they might at well drive a cage, then, as far as they think of it. The biggest bikes those guys ride are the PanEuropaeiaeoun (english spelling designed to ***** off the the french)--nee ST1100--and that's for ,ahem, long distance courioures, which is to, like, Scotland and back in a day. Motorcyclist (who don't deserve even a french spelling these days) ran a big feature on coiureioures about a year ago which was very
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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