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Since Slaughter is from Southern Californee - and not the actual South, Bless his heart - I should help him with his grammar.

"Y'all" is used when addressing one person, who may have company. "Y'all come over and watch the kids try and catch the pig!"

"All y'all" is directed at more than one person. "All y'all fetch some soap and water, and help me clean these kids!"

There isn't a "y'alls" in the vernacular. However, there is "y'alls'" (pronounced 'yawl-zez'), as in "Is this little tickturd y'alls'?"

The next lesson will be some of the finer phrases of description. Topics will include eating excessively, "I'm fuller than a tick in a dogs ear!" and immense satisfaction; "Grinnin' like a mule eatin' briars!"

No thanks necessary. I'm just happy to help.
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