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Look Twice, Save A Life Campaign Aims To Spare Lives At Bike Week

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Motorists are better at seeing bikes than most of the motorcyclists who go to bike week are at seeing the races that supposedly form the basis of bike week.
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Let's hope it works.

Let's hope it works this campaign works.

A Honda Civic tried to share the lane with my Honda Gold Wing just yesterday.
It's been far too long since the last Florida safety initiative post.

Enough of this tires/riding suit/garage-equipping fluff!
Well y'all have fun talking about safety in Fl. I'm leaving tomorrow morning early with a street bike and 4 racebikes(vintage MX and Flattrack) for Fla. I'll be racing and riding while you are all solving the world's problems YEEEEEEEHAW!!
(Even further off-topic)


What bikes are you racing? I'm hoping to see a couple of the races.

Also, a buddy of mine is going. He is building a couple of Triumph TR5's to race in future events.

In any case- have fun, and good luck!
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Do you have point coming anywhere in the near future?
It's a good campaign. The AMA should get behind this nation wide.
In Vintage MX on saturday i'm only racing an Aermacchi-HD Sprint. I didnt have room for my CanAm, On Sunday in PVMX Im racing a CanAM Black Widow and a Honda XR200. On Wed flattrack Im running a Sprint. the Sprints are orange,the CanAm is black and the Honda is red.Look me up...we'll swap lies. Hell...the post was about Daytona so I didnt think it was TOO off subject. The TR5's would make a way cool VMXer....when they're done Ill try to makre a race you are at......MOron race Team,what a concept!!
far too long....

Yeah! Lets get back to the "Harley/V-Twin's is/are dead" and "synthetic/mineral oil change interval" threads......

>> A Volusia task force

Off topic: Must be where Suzuki came up with the Volusia name for the former cruiser line which has since been renamed. Always wondered.
No, I don't have point. I'm pointless. Just like going to Daytona and not going to the races.
Re: far too long....

As an expatriate native Floridian, I feel qualified to offer the following post on this topic.

I use synthetic oil on my K&N air filter because it extends the service interval. Over the life of the bike I can save two, maybe three bucks. Also, you can use the black stuff that comes off the dirty filter to fill in the "checking" on the sidewalls of your old tires. Just be careful not to put it on the tread area of the tire. And it doesn’t work so well with whitewalls.
Leave him alone. The races is the only reason I'd go to Dayona myself. I can get plenty of titties and beer right here... and without all the associated diseases.
I always thought it was weird that Suzuki named a bike after some town in the Transylvanian Alps.
I was under the impression that tittys and beer were frowned on in Utah.
kick some butt and take some names. otherwise, keep your elbows in. i'm jealous as hell.

my teammate and friend is on his way too. from idaho. supposed to race either ahrma or ccm this weekend, i forget the schedule.

the transmission blew on his motor home in chattanooga. he called and said it took almost 3 hours for the tow truck to get to him because the hoghway is littered with downed motorhomes headed for daytona. that must be something to see.

keep yur stick on the ice.
Nah, it Utah you shun the beer and double-down on the tittys.
I'm surprised nobody's named a cruiser the "Vampyre" by now.

If they do, I get royalties.
A friend of mine had a sprint about a million years ago. Where, in God's name, do you get parts?
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