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Look Twice, Save A Life Campaign Aims To Spare Lives At Bike Week

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Motorists are better at seeing bikes than most of the motorcyclists who go to bike week are at seeing the races that supposedly form the basis of bike week.
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seruzaWa's compound full of wives

Yep I had the hots for a Mormon girl blonde brown eyed beauty in high school then my parents threatened to disown me if I got serious. What a kisser.. They disowned me anyway.. I actually could get into the polygamy with the right set of women.. theoretically speaking of course. i.e. it's the only thing I like about the original Mormon beliefs. The whole gold plates and Native American Jesus thing seemed a little too much like Battlestar Galatica to me. SeruzaWa probablyhas a compound filled with trailers in a circle. Each trailer has a wife and he spends each night with a different wife. Out in the Utah desert. Not a bad life compared to 2 hour commutes in the city and Seattle rat race...
I second that and I have first hand err experience. If I couldn't live in Colorado, Utah is close enough..
Re: seruzaWa's compound full of wives

I love the new show.. I thought the old one was funky but all of the shows back then were..
Re: seruzaWa's compound full of wives

My high school was 20% LSD er LDS.. tell me seruzaWa, kwrong, all about them.
1 - 4 of 39 Posts
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