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Looking for a Buell part.

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I have a Buell, and If someone knows I think I would purchase one, its pretty sweet.
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Yes, it is to ( they only did the design and tuning work), but they didn't produce the part... Rizoma ( European aftermarket ) supposedly produced the part; but I couldn't find it on their website ( ). If anyone wants more pictures of this very sick bike let me know and I'll put some more online. I am going to try to contact them via their website and inquire about the part, I'll be sure to relay what they tell me on here. Thanks Sean for posting this...
Got the visor for the helmet in earlier in the week... and got the helmet in yesterday. This is what they look like together. Let me know what you's think.
I'm in germany so finding all of these things is a little more difficult than driving to my neighborhood friendly True Value, or Home Depot / Lowes. But I'll look for something similiar.
This is how it is coming along... these are the emails -

Sir / Ma'am,

I noticed the billet license plate bracket in this months Super Streetbike Magazine; and was looking to purchase one. I know of a few people interested in this part, any help would be appreciated.


Kyle Brine

Sorry ! But we cannot follow your e-mail also it is not so helpfully

If this looks like anonym without any full address or other information.

Kind Regards,


Did you make the license plate bracket?

Are they available for purchase?

If so, how much Euro for one?

Sorry, this article we cannot offer to you – because out of production

and we haven´t any pcs. in warehouse anymore.

Right after this I sent an email in Deutsch to him, but I am still awaiting a reply....
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I had attached the pictures of the part to the email... just so you know.
Will look into the Ramstein Auto Crafts Center ... not sure if that is what they now call the Auto Skills Center or not, but will be sure to look into it. Thanks alot!
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