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G'day from sunny Australia,I own a 2003 749s and my wife owns a 1998 750 Monster.I've done just over 30000kms on the 749 and the Monster's almost up to 55000.Reliability is not an issue,nothing has broken,fallen off or stuffed up on either of the bikes in the years we've owned them.I do the oil/filter changes myself and leave the valves and cambelts to the dealer.The build quality and paintwork (red of course!) is first class and both bikes still look like new.If I sound like a Ducati tragic then it's the ownership experience that has made me so!My wife is foaming at the mouth waiting for the new Monsters to be released in November and I'm more than a little interested in the rumoured 848.Even with summer temperatures here getting over 40C we have never had any problems with overheating.Buy one,you'll love it!KTM's have a pretty average build quality ,Aprilias look like **** and BMW's.........why would you bother?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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