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Wow. You live in Japan and want a European bike? That's different.
I love the Aprilia's, but the dealers are somewhat sketchy here. And I think the KTM is butt ugly, though I hear it's fun to ride.
I've had a 2005 Monster 800 for about a year now. I commute daily, hit the canyons on the weekends, and take a ridiculously long trip (OK, about 1k miles) once a month. This bike is perfect for that kind of all around performance. I find it comfy for the long haul (which is weird because it's more comfy than my previous bike - a Katana - the alleged budget sport tourer), reliable, and crazy good in the corners. And I don't think there's anything sexier. You need to stay on top of valve adjustments which can be costly if you don't do it yourself. But the reliabilty of the Ducs these days is solid and the maintenance is at least half of what it used to be. I'm an owner, so obviously I'm biased. Added bonus: there's a huge online community of Monster owners at the DML. Most of them are way past the point of no return when it comes to mods, so there's no shortage of information regarding just about anything you can think of doing on or to your bike.
Good luck!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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